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Hyundai Leasing

Hyundai Leasing is the easiest way to have a car. Wouldn’t it be nice if the hassles of ownership, car maintenance, repairs, breakdown assistance, and insurance were all handled by someone else? We have news for you - In case of Hyundai leasing, we offer you just that! What’s more, you only need to pay for as much as you use the car. So have a worry-free drive and leave the rest to us. We are here to take care of your drive.

To know more about Hyundai Leasing , please call toll free no. 1860 266 5253

Lease Rental

*Minimum Lease Rental

Model Variant 12 Months 24 Months 36 Monts 48 Months 60 Months
Santro SANTRO 1.1 ERA EXECUTIVE ₹ 22,938 ₹ 16,173 ₹ 14,164 ₹ 13,002 ₹ 12,143
Grand i10 Nios
GRAND I10 NIOS 1.2 VTVT ERA ₹ 23,042 ₹ 16,763
₹ 14,254 ₹ 13,180 ₹ 12,681
All New i20 I20 1.2 MAGNA ₹ 24,551
₹ 20,226
₹ 17,754 ₹ 16,793 ₹ 15,671
Aura AURA Petrol 1.2 E ₹ 27,797 ₹ 19,781 ₹ 17,292 ₹ 16,432 ₹ 15,378
Venue VENUE 1.2 VTVT E ₹ 29,600 ₹ 22,161 ₹ 18,830 ₹ 17,572 ₹ 16,247
i20 N Line N6 iMT ₹ 38,571 ₹ 29,797 ₹ 25,307 ₹ 23,534 ₹ 21,640
CRETA Petrol E ₹ 44,978 ₹ 32,933 ₹ 28,301 ₹ 26,878 ₹ 24,240
Alcazar Prestige (7STR) Petrol ₹ 82,441 ₹ 55,609 ₹ 45,595 ₹ 42,336 ₹ 40,152
Kona EV Premium ₹ 1,18,642 ₹ 82,117 ₹ 66,989 ₹ 60,556 ₹ 56,985

Terms & Conditions

• Above Lease Rentals are inclusive of GST
• The Lease rentals are of *Base Variants of the above mentioned models
• Lease Rental mentioned above are pertain to Delhi
• Insurance and other maintenance Service cost are extra
• Periodical Price and Discount will be applicable


Q. How is the lease rental calculated?
Ans. You only pay for how much you drive! i.e. You don’t pay for entire value of the car, you only pay for the usage value of it, and based on the mileage and duration of the leasing contract and the additional services you opt for.

Q. What are the possible contract periods?
Ans. It all depends on your needs. You can select from a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 5 years. Based on the duration of contract you choose, you can then decide on the mileage.

Q. Can I choose the make and model of the car I want to lease?
Ans. You can choose from any vehicle, variant and color according to your choice and taste, as long as it is in line with your eligibility criteria.

Q. What is the process to return the car to Hyundai Leasing at the end of the contract?
Ans. When a lease contract expires, the leased vehicle must be returned back to Hyundai Leasing usually at the location where the vehicle was originally collected at the inception of the contract. Hyundai Leasing will inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is returned with all documentation and standard accessories like duplicate key, Owner’s Manual, Warranty Book, Original RC Card and ensure that the vehicle is in a ‘standard condition’ which is defined as a vehicle that has been subjected to normal wear and tear considering it is age and mileage. You and Hyundai Leasing will jointly inspect the vehicle and draw up a Vehicle Return Report which records differences between the standard condition defined above and the actual condition of the vehicle. This explains to what extent damage is considered normal or acceptable wear and tear and in which cases it is not. This gives you clarity regarding our damage assessment methodology.

Q. What is the eligibility criteria for leasing a car?
Ans. Salaried employee / Self-employed Professionals / Small & Medium Enterprises