Hyundai Motorstudio Busan Presents “Habitat One” Exhibition, Offering New Perspectives on a Sustainable Future.

07 July, 2022

  • “Habitat One” exhibition proposes a new form of sustainable living environment or “Shelter” for the future carbon neutral generation
  • The exhibition features works by international and Korean artist groups specialized in architecture and design innovation as well as research-based architectural practice
  • From July 7, 2022, to Jan. 8, 2023, “Habitat One” conveys Hyundai Motor’s vision for future mobility and its continuous efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045

  • Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled “Habitat One,” an exhibition that proposes a new type of sustainable living environment, on display at Hyundai Motorstudio Busan from July 7, 2022, to January 8, 2023.

    “Habitat One” presents a concept of a new type of “Shelter”, a sustainable housing solution for Generation One, who will be the first to live in a carbon-free society. “Shelter” is a space that expands the concept of habitat into an eco-friendly network based on Hyundai Motor’s vision for future mobility and deep research underlying its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. “Habitat One” proposes “Shelter” as a haven for creative and sustainable living, but also as a meaningful solution.

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    Hyundai Motorstudio Busan presents exhibits by two artist groups, BARE and ecoLogicStudio. BARE is a Seoul-based architecture studio that is known for considering the interaction between architecture and environment and its practice based on research into the production and lifecycle of things that can adapt to urban environments. ecoLogicStudio is a London-based architecture and design innovation firm that specializes in biotechnology for the built environment and develops scalable nature-based solutions to offset the effects of climate change and realize carbon neutrality. The exhibits explore the concept of “Shelter” as reimagined by the two artist groups, to provide an immersive experience in the daily life of a future city.


    Among the exhibits, BARE’s “Air of Blooms” is a reimagined shelter intended to serve as public resting stations in future cities, providing an interactive digital experience using renewable energy charged by solar panels. “Air of Blooms” consists of modular robot units named “Air(e)s” that self-assemble into benches or resting spaces when detecting human motion, suggesting the possible integration or co-existence among humans, objects and technology. Situated at the intersection of imagination and technology, the exhibition showcases innovative and sustainable forms of “Shelter” for the future, including robotic units combined with air domes, solar battery panels, motion detection sensors and media environment creation.


    ecoLogicStudio’s “Tree One” is a robotic 10-meter-tall sculpture that was 3D printed with algal biopolymers. “Tree One” metabolizes and stores the carbon molecules into its 3D printed structure while releasing oxygen in the atmosphere. It represents a living tree, a universal symbol of nature, while also embodying a new kind of technological life, designed by artificial intelligence and bio-digitally grown. The exhibition also offers interactive experiences for attendees, such as allowing them to harvest algae from real photo-bioreactors or enter the exhibits to explore the interiors.

    Located on the third floor, the Expecting Generation One zone displays videos that present Hyundai Motor as a smart mobility solution provider as well as its vision and roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality.

    “Through the ‘Habitat One’ exhibition, Hyundai Motor Company invites people to embark on a journey to explore and share new possibilities for a sustainable life in the near future,”said Sungwon Jee, Vice president and Head of Brand Experience Division at Hyundai Motor. “In line with our brand vision of ‘Progress for Humanity,’ we will continue our commitment to realize carbon neutrality by 2045 and pledge to take responsible actions to create a better future for humanity and generations to come.”

    In September 2021 at IAA Mobility Show in Munich, Germany, Hyundai Motor announced its aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 throughout the company’s entire value chain – from production to operation to disposal. To realize this commitment, Hyundai Motor proactively joined RE100, a global initiative moving toward 100 percent renewable electricity, in April 2022.

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