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Congratulations to all five all-new KONA Hybrid N Line major prize winners:

QLD/NT winner: M Stewart, QLD
NSW/ACT winner: H Thornton, ACT
VIC/TAS winner: I Iskra, VIC
SA winner: J McEntee, SA
WA winner: M Lim, WA


Congratulations to all runner up prize winners. Each will receive a $100 merchandise pack.


P Adams, TAS   C Donnelly, NSW/ACT A Jones, NSW/ACT T Nesbitt, NSW/ACT P Vasilopoulos, VIC
T Adikari, TAS B,Dissanayake,VIC D Jones, QLD K Nettle, QLD Y Vukinovac, WA
B Amos, QLD I Dulnoan, SA B Josey, QLD J Newell, NSW/ACT S Vuyk, WA
K Andersen, QLD A Dullar, VIC J Jordan, WA S Newton-Chandler, NSW M Waldie, QLD
C Anderson, QLD T Duong, NSW/ACT R Karki, NSW/ACT A Nielsen, QLD M Walsh, NSW/ACT
C Ashdown, TAS A Dhar, SA S Kelly, VIC S O’Bryan, NSW/ACT S Warner, QLD
A Atkins, NSW/ACT A Doering, QLD E Kentrotis, VIC D Offer, NSW/ACT M Warwick, NSW/ACT
K Alami, NSW/ACT H Deo, NSW/ACT O Kemp-Rumens, NSW/ACT T Ogradey, NSW/ACT A Watmough, QLD
P Arnett, WA M Ecimovic, SA W King, NSW/ACT B Pascoe, WA L Wilson, QLD
J Atrero, NSW/ACT V Evans, QLD K Kim, NSW/ACT P Patcha, VIC B Williams, TAS
A Bachraz, VIC R Estrella, NSW/ACT M Kumo, QLD B Pellow, VIC M Williamson, SA
R barlow, VIC H Felsch, QLD T Krawczyk, VIC B Petrovic, NSW/ACT S Wiseley, NSW/ACT
O Barry, SA A Frisina, SA D Lam, VIC S Perry, NSW/ACT S White, SA
L Bazley, NSW/ACT J Featherston, NSW/ACT T Lam, VIC B Pond, NSW/ACT S Wijesekera, VIC
L Beard, NSW/ACT M Giddings, NSW/ACT J Lane, QLD H Portus, NSW/ACT P Windsor, QLD
D Bennett, QLD N Geoff, QLD H lee, NSW/ACT C Prietto, NSW/ACT O Wragg, TAS
J Boit, VIC N Goodlet, QLD M Lewczak, SA S Pritchard, NSW/ACT K Wright, WA
M Booso, NSW/ACT M Gatward, TAS K Lewis, VIC K Robbins, WA M Yamamoto, NSW/ACT
A Booth, QLD A Gebert, VIC M Lia, VIC R Rose, QLD S Young, VIC
G Brades, WA D Gemmell, QLD C Liew, NSW/ACT D Rossetti, QLD S Young, NSW/ACT
A Brown, VIC J Gent, QLD F Lin, NSW/ACT P Rodis, VIC S Zafiriou, VIC
F Brown, NSW/ACT A Gibson, VIC P Lomas, NSW/ACT M Sabto, VIC J Zammit, VIC
J Burg, NSW/ACT J Gill, NSW/ACT C Longmore, QLD B Saggers, WA C Scott, QLD
V Bhalla, VIC S Gracious, VIC I Lorimer, VIC R Santos, QLD  
L Cannon, QLD P Graham, NSW/ACT S Mackenzie, NSW/ACT J Scammell, QLD  
D Carr, NSW/ACT L Grech, WA C Mancuso, WA Z Searle, SA  
D Channells, QLD L Hahne, QLD G Mandalakoudis, NSW/ACT L Seguin, NSW/ACT  
M Chapman, NSW/ACT D Hall, ACT M Marles, QLD A Sharma, QLD  
M Chappell, QLD S Hallpike, VIC L May, WA D Sharpe, NSW/ACT  
D Chua, NSW/ACT M Hannebery, VIC C Mazzucchelli, WA M Sheppard, QLD  
S Clark, QLD K Henderson, TAS D McBratney, VIC K Shreeve, WA
L Comber, NSW/ACT M Hogg, TAS A McHarg, NSW/ACT J Simpson, QLD  
L Cooke, VIC D Hopkins, WA A McHugh, VIC A Singh, VIC  
A Coulston, NSW/ACT W Hyun, VIC J McLean, SA H Steane, NSW/ACT  
K Cullen, WA K Hughes,VIC M Menke, WA E Steengraver, NSW/ACT  
M Curtain, TAS S Herzberg,VIC O Merrill, NSW/ACT M Stein, NSW/ACT  
K Cronin, NSW/ACT J Ibbott,TAS M Minogue, VIC V Stewart, TAS  
E Canato, NSW/ACT J Innes, WA P Mizerni, VIC S Syaban, WA  
I Creece, VIC P Ivison, QLD F Mohammed, NSW/ACT H Syed,VIC  
L Daniels, QLD R James, VIC N Mohebi, NSW/ACT C Thomsen, NSW/ACT  
R De Silva, VIC S James, NSW/ACT S Moon, VIC A Thorpe, QLD  
J Delloso, SA A Jayasinghe, VIC C Moore, NSW/ACT T Tran, SA  
R Dhillon, QLD E Johnston, NSW/ACT R Murray, SA A Troy, VIC  
R Dickson, VIC H Johnston, VIC F Naushad, VIC J Van Son, TAS


Congratulations to all minor prize winners (Hyundai Owners). Each will receive a Scheduled Servicing prize.


I Atsas, NSW M Hancock, NSW K Norton, NSW V Tabor, TAS
K Cookson, VIC M Harper, WA M Nowland, QLD Z Vernon, WA
K Crowe, WA I Heslop, NSW P Oneill, SA C Warr, VIC
S Daniels, WA F Irwin, QLD S Parker, NSW S Wightman, NSW
E Drury, QLD B Kleidon, QLD A Power, NSW C Wood, NSW
N Drury, NSW B Lear, NSW D Pullen, NSW K Wright, WA
K Duan, VIC I Lockett, WA Y Reade, SA N Zimmermann, VIC
K Eveleigh, NSW D Meldrum, NSW Y Schlegelmilch, NSW  
D Faulkner, QLD S Murray, QLD S Silvey, VIC  
B Gott, NSW A Nicola, QLD L Spark, VIC  
J Griffin, TAS A Niemandt, QLD R Sutherland, QLD  

All winners have been contacted. Thank you for being a part of Hyundai's journey to 2 million cars.


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Things you need to know:

*First Prize Draw I: Queensland /Northern Territory entrants I First Prize Draw 2: New South Wales / ACT entrants I First Prize Draw 3: Victoria / Tasmania entrants I First Prize Draw 4: South Australia entrants I First Prize Draw 5: Western Australia entrants

#Open to existing Hyundai owners only.

^Contents of the packs may vary but all packs have a maximum combined value of $100RRP.

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