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    Hyundai Genuine Accessories.

    Enhance your CRETA with the authentic.

A Glimpse of Your Spotlight

Shine brighter with these 12 genuine accessories for your CRETA. Specifically developed to represent the best version of you on every trip. Show your style and be the spotlight!

  • Tail Lamp Upper Garnish

    Tail Lamp Upper Garnish

    Price: Rp245.300**
    Part No. BVS24AP001
  • ORVM Garnish

    ORVM Garnish

    Price: Rp240.900**
    Part No. BVS43AP000
  • Door Side Moulding - Chrome

    Door Side Moulding - Chrome

    Price: Rp640.200**
    Part No. BVS32AP000
  • Door Visor

    Door Visor

    Price: Rp690.800**
    Part No. BVS22AP000
  • All Weather Mat - Designer

    All Weather Mat - Designer

    Price: Rp820.600*
    Part No. BVS12AP000
  • All Weather Mat - Black

    All Weather Mat - Black

    Price: Rp350.900*
    Part No. BVS13AP001
  • 3D Mat

    3D Mat

    Price: Rp850.300*
    Part No. BVS14AP000
  • Door Sill Guard

    Door Sill Guard

    Price: Rp290.400**
    Part No. BVS37AP001
  • Boot Mat

    Boot Mat

    Price: Rp200.200*
    Part No. BVS13AP000
  • Carpet Boot Mat

    Carpet Boot Mat

    Price: Rp200.200*
    Part No. BVS13AP003
  • Body Cover - Standard

    Body Cover - Standard

    Price: Rp545.600*
    Part No. BVS26AP000
  • Tyre Valve Caps

    Tyre Valve Caps

    Price: Rp170.500*
    Part No. ACS83AP016

* Including VAT
** Includes installation fee & VAT