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New Car Replacement Guarantee

Guaranteed replacement of a new car with the same model, type and color if the customer's Hyundai Stargazer, Stargazer X or Creta experiences a traffic accident resulting in damage with a minimum total cost of 65% of the vehicle price.


1. This guarantee applies to all Hyundai Stargazer, Stargazer X and Creta units registered as Retail Sales during 2023.
2. This guarantee is valid for 1 year after the date of handover of the vehicle with the customer.
3. Customers will receive a certificate in digital form containing vehicle data, benefits, and conditions guaranteed in this program.
4. Replacement of cars that are entitled to claim if the level of damage due to traffic accidents on Stargazer and Creta milk customer units reaches min. 65% of the vehicle price.
5. HMID will replace damaged vehicles with units of the same type and color.
6. HMID will withdraw the car along with the old vehicle ownership documents if the claim against this program is approved.
7. The dealer who handles the customer's vehicle damage report must help to calculate the estimated cost of repairing the customer's vehicle as a reference for HMID to determine approval for this program claim.
8. Documents that must be attached by the customer when making a claim against this program, include:
• Certificate/traffic accident report from the police office
• Photo documentation of damaged cars
• Ownership documents such as STNK and BPKB (copy)
9. This guarantee does not apply if the vehicle has been traded to another party.


1. Causes of damage that are not guaranteed to this program:
• Fire
• Flooded
• Natural disasters
• Riot/Riot
• Unlawful acts

2. Can it be combined with personal vehicle insurance claims?
• Customers who are entitled to Claims against this program guarantee but decide to make a claim (Total Loss) using the Vehicle Insurance they have, are entitled to receive reimbursement from HMID in the amount of Rp. 25,000,000 for Stargazer and Rp. 30,000,000 for Creta,

3. Who will the customer's old car be responsible for?
• HMID will withdraw the old car along with the STNK and BPKB before changing the new unit to the customer whose claim submission is approved

4. What is the process for claiming a Car Replacement Guarantee for customers who are still bound by a leasing contract?
• Customers have 2 options for car damage claims, namely:
• Claims to insurance partners who work with finance companies (leasing)
• Claim a Car Replacement to Hyundai with a note that if the claim is approved then the remaining installments owned by the customer will still go according to the contract. The Dealer is expected to assist in guaranteeing the replacement of the BPKB of the old unit in leasing which will be replaced with a new BPKB unit on behalf of the same customer.

5. What is the role of the Dealer when there is an accident report from a customer?
• Every dealer who receives an accident report from a customer is required to assist in the process of handling damage to a car and make a report on damage estimates and repair costs for the customer's car.

6. How long does the unit replacement process take until the customer receives the new unit?
• The process of replacing a new unit to the customer is carried out within 60 days after the Dealer receives documents in the form of the original STNK and BPKB for each unit claim that has been approved by HMID (except MyOwnCreta units)

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