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Customer Protection Program

Health insurance for medical treatment at the hospital for drivers and passengers of Hyundai Stargazer, Stargazer X and Creta in case of an accident.


1. This insurance applies to all Hyundai Stargazer, Stargazer X and Creta units registered as Retail Sales throughout 2023.
2. This insurance is valid for 1 year after the vehicle handover date to the customer.
3. Customers will receive a digital certificate containing vehicle data, benefits, and conditions insured in this program.
4. The insurance provided is in the form of reimbursement of hospital treatment costs for drivers and passengers caused by traffic accidents in the insured unit.
5. The nominal reimbursement given is according to the invoice issued by the hospital, or a maximum of Rp. 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Rupiah) per person with a total of:
• Hyundai Stargazer 7-Seat: Maximum 7 insured persons.
• Hyundai Stargazer 6-Seat: Maximum 6 insured persons.
• Hyundai Creta: Maximum 5 insured persons.
6. The types of medical procedures that are included in this insurance are:
• Expenses for doctor's examination, X-Ray examination, or medical surgery.
• Medicines prescribed by a doctor from the hospital.
• Ambulance fees.
• Hospitalization costs (excluding food).
• Other medical costs are incurred as a result of instructions from doctors at the hospitals.
7. The document required for this warranty claim are:
• Traffic Accident Certificate from the local Police.
• Certificate from a doctor from a hospital (not a clinic).
• Hospital diagnoses and medical bills.
8. This insurance does not apply to physical injuries caused by:
• Deliberate accidents or driver actions that violate the rules, for example: under the influence of alcohol.
• A fire was not the result of a traffic accident.
• Injuries from riots, sabotage, or terrorism.
9. This insurance does not apply to vehicles used for rental purposes, except for the Bali area.
10. Hyundai Stargazer / Creta owners are required to contact the Hyundai Call Center or local Dealer within 30 days after the date of the accident to report a claim against this insurance.

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