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service at myhyundai

Servicing your car will be easier through @myHyundai Indonesia features which includes:

· Service Reminder
An automated service reminder feature that facilitate :
o Problem Detecting
Indication info about your car’s problem that connected to Bluelink.
o Periodic Maintenance
Information about periodic maintenance schedule
o Repair Suggestion
Information about next step of the maintenance after servicing at Hyundai authorized repair shop
o Service Campaign
Service campaign information

· Booking Service
A feature to choose make a service reservation and choosing a service type, methods, dealers, also payment.

· Service Payment
Choose your payment method through bank transfer or e-wallet.

· Service Process
Status update for your car’s service process.

· Service History
History of your car’s service in the past.

· Genuine Accessories
A feature that allows you to purchase Hyundai Genuine Accessories, that you can pick up at your chosen Hyundai shops.