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Resale Value Guarantee

Resale Value Guaranteed selling price of 70% of the purchase price for a Hyundai Guarantee Stargazer, Stargazer X or Creta if the owner trades in a new Hyundai car in the third year of car ownership.


1. This guarantee applies to all Hyundai Stargazer, Stargazer X and Creta units registered as Retail Sales during 2023.
2. This guarantee applies if the customer makes a trade-in to any Hyundai car at the dealer within the 25th to 36th month after the handover of the new car with the customer.
3. The vehicle conditions that must be met if the customer wants to make a claim against this sales program are:
• Kilometers < 60,000 in 3 years.
• Never been involved in a major accident.
• Regular service at Hyundai authorized repair shops
• Not modified and not used for racing competitions
• Never flooded
4. The vehicle must have All Risk insurance which is still active in the third year.
5. For customers who buy on credit, they must pay off the remaining installments before trading in at a Hyundai Dealer.
6. Does not apply if the car has been sold to another party first.
7. Vehicle documents that must be fulfilled, among others:
• Original STNK and no tax payable.
BPKB and original invoice.
• Receipt (Invoice) for payment of the purchase of the first car from the Hyundai Dealer.
8. How to claim this benefit:
• The customer contacts the nearest dealer and then the dealer checks the terms and conditions of the customer's car.
• Dealers are required to report to HMID through the area manager or to the sales program team to validate the selling price guarantee.

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