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It’s Time to Play on Metaverse

Hyundai as a company has always pioneered in new technology and going beyond mobility. In tune with this legacy, Hyundai was the first Auto brand to make an investment in Roblox and create it’s very own virtual space called Hyundai Mobility Adventure. This space consists of multiple areas including eco forest, future mobility city, festival square (our main event area) all in sync with our global vision of Meta mobility.

So when it came to the launch of the new VENUE N Line it was just another opportunity for us to connect with customers in a very innovative way. And we did so in a novel new environment–METAVERSE. This was the first of its kind launch in India and garnered a lot of attention from netizens all across the globe.

This virtual space enables users to interact with one another and experience other Hyundai Motor mobility offerings apart from Hyundai VENUE N Line. Since Metaverse gaming consists of a younger target audience (below 25 years) this experience focuses on creating a brand affinity while familiarizing them with products, technologies and future solutions.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Tarun Garg, Director, Sales, Marketing and Service, Hyundai Motor India, said, "As a smart mobility solutions provider in India, Hyundai has always endeavoured to innovate and push the boundaries of usable technologies. As we draw closer to the introduction of our next blockbuster product offering - VENUE N Line, we are pleased to announce this one-of-a-kind experience made available on Roblox to introduce this futuristic product through an immersive and unique car launch experience on the Metaverse. We're confident that this integration of virtual and physical universes will establish a strong and long-lasting relationship with today's tech-empowered generation. We're excited for the adventurous events that will unfold during our Metaverse VENUE N Line launch."

With the tag line of ‘It’s time to play’ what better product to launch in the Metaverse experience in Roblox. It a truly Gen Zee platform - a perfect match our Hyundai VENUE N Line target audience.

HMIL has created a never- seen before full car experience in Metaverse on Roblox platform with Hyundai VENUE N Line. At Hyundai Mobility Adventure, there is a VENUE N Line zone where you can get a product demo via a non-playing character explaining all the features and details of the Hyundai VENUE N Line. One can check out the interiors & exteriors of the product as well. You can experience the Handling USP of the car via a specially developed Mini- Game and can purchase the N Line merchandize for the Avatar. ↵

Special Zones have also been set up like an India Zone for a strong India connect, where you can check out the Beyond Mobility Installation and sample desi delicacies such as Chai, Paratha, Vada pav. You can also check out some Indian outfits like Kurta Pajama, Sarees etc.

There is a lot more to explore and enhance your product experience. The Showroom displays a wide variety of global Hyundai cars and the Service Center enables you to customize your Metaverse car. You can also take the Hyundai VENUE N Line for a test spin in the Metaverse. There are various other mini quests like Paparazzi and Treasure Hunt to keep the user engaged and excited.

A definite must for metaverse and Hyundai lovers. Pay us a visit at to experience future mobility in India.