It has never been easier to charge your Hyundai on the go.

Charge myHyundai is a comprehensive and easy-to-use public charging solution that gives you access to one of the largest public charging networks in the UK with over 44,000 chargers and for your business and holiday trips, to mainland Europe, over 730,000 chargers are available on Charge myHyundai.

The Charge MyHyundai card and app giving you access to various charging options around the world.

1 App. 1 Card. 1 Invoice. More than 730,000 Charge Points.

  • Access to more than 730,000 public charging stations in 28 European countries
  • Cross border charging with one single contract through e-roaming
  • All charging sessions & invoices available in the Charge myHyundai web portal & app
The Charge myHyundai map on your desktop or with the app on your smartphone.

Charging made easier & more accessible.

Charge myHyundai web portal allows you to access the charging network map, check tariffs and invoices as well as manage your charge myHyundai account. The app allows you to locate points, start and stop charging sessions, plan optimal routes to destinations.

Attractive charging tariff to fit your needs.

Charge myHyundai offers a Flex tariff that fits varied driving needs - designed to make charging convenient, efficient and simple, offering easy payment and a single, straightforward monthly bill. Find out more below.
Woman plugging the charger for her Hyundai car.


Do you usually drive rather short distances and do most of your charging at home and sometimes need to use public charging for weekends and holidays, our Flex tariffs, allow you to pay as you go, with no monthly subscription. These tariffs give you full flexibility and peace of mind.

With Charge myHyundai travel stress free, find a charger anywhere.

For the best Charge myHyundai experience, download the Charge myHyundai app which is available for iOS and Android. With the app, you can search for charge points, apply various filter options (such as plug type, charging speed, access type etc.) and get real-time updates on charging fees and availability. The Charge myHyundai app also comes with a navigation function, where you can select your stops for charging and send to the navigation system of your choice, Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze.
Screenshots of the Charge MyHyundai app on a smartphone.

Plug & Charge

Less hassle. More convenience.

Just plug and charge – no app or charging card is needed to initiate charging sessions. The authentication to initiate a charging session at a public charge point will take place directly between the vehicle and the compatible charge points – saving you time and hassle. 
A woman stand near her IONIQ 6 as it charges.

Plug & Charge.

IONIQ 6 and the all-new KONA Electric are enabled for Plug & Charge, which needs to be first set in the Charge myHyundai app.

 How can I get it for my IONIQ 6?

To use the Plug & Charge functionality, a Charge myHyundai account is required.
  1. The Charge MyHyundai card and app giving you access to various charging options around the world.

    Create Charge myHyundai Account.

    1. Access Charge myHyundai via the web portal.

    2. Register your Hyundai vehicle details by adding a contract.

    3. Input your data.

    4. Select payment method.

    5. Order your charging card and select your starting date.

  1. 1
  1. A screenshot of your Provisioning Certificate ID (PCID).

    Your Provisioning Certificate ID (PCID).

    1. Step in your Hyundai vehicle, power on the infotainment system and navigate to the main menu.

    2. Select the EV menu icon.

    3. Go to "Settings"

    4. Select "Plug & Charge"

    5. Enter the PCID into Charge myHyundai.

  1. 1
  1. Screenshot showing you how to Enable Plug & Charge in Charge myHyundai.

    Enable in Charge myHyundai.

    1. Login to Charge myHyundai.

    2. Navigate to Contracts.

    3. Enable Plug & Charge in the service section.

    4. Enter PCID.

    6. Activation may take up to 24h.

  1. 1
The Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric vehicle charging at an IONITY charging station.

IONITY high-power charging.

Access class-leading, high-power charging network for electric cars and pay through Charge myHyundai. Within the Charge myHyundai app, you can activate a membership to IONITY which will give you discounted charging sessions. IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 800V technology enables much quicker charging. 1
The Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric vehicle parked.

Green electricity in Charge myHyundai.

Discover how we support renewable energy to make every charging event as sustainable as possible.
A beach scenery and the IONIQ 5 about to charge. A woman is standing next to the car.

Register to Charge MyHyundai.

Get to know our tariffs. Charging prices depend on the maximum charging speed. Generally, a fast charging speed implies higher cost. Reduced charging rates from preferred partners may be regarded as exceptions.



Hyundai customers will be able to earn bonus points in the form of "&ChargeKilometers" - EV charging credits in the &Charge app - by providing feedback on charging stations and the charging experience. Those points can then be redeemed for vouchers that can be used for free public charging in the Charge myHyundai app. Additionally, this collected feedback will improve the overall quality of the EV charging infrastructure.
  1. Logo and font of &Charge, a bonus points cooperation with Hyundai.

    The &Charge Program.

    With the &Charge bonus program collect valuable &Charge kilometres when charging publicly, during the charging break or when shopping online. You can use those to pay less for your public charging sessions in Charge myHyundai. 2
  1. 1
  1. Smartphone displaying online shops in the &Charge app.

    Collect kilometres online.

    Collect kilometres online. Click through &Charge to the online shop of your choice before making your purchase. For each purchase, you can earn &Charge kilometres. 2
  1. 1
  1. Smartphone displaying challenges in the &Charge app.

    Do challenges in app.

    Complete information on public charging stations, and report problems at the charging location. Take part in the participate in various activities - the &Charge "Challenges“ to earn extra rewards.
  1. 1

Redeem kilometres.

Each &Charge kilometres earned can be redeemed for charging vouchers for Charge myHyundai. 2
The kilometer icon of the &Charge app.

In the &Charge app or website.

Go to the "Redeem" section and exchange your collected kilometres for charging vouchers for Change myHyundai, or choose attractive rewards or donate to sustainable projects. 2

    *Maximum range according to WLTP combined cycle. Specification dependent. Actual range will vary depending on factors including road conditions, outdoor temperature, driving style, use of climate control and battery condition.

    **350kW ultra-fast charger required for quickest charge times - chargers are currently available on selected arterial routes – see Charge myHyundai map for details. Not currently available in Northern Ireland.

    Hyundai test data for comparison purposes. Actual time will vary and is dependent on several factors including battery temperature, condition and age, ambient temperature and the power provided by the charger. Charge time increases in cold weather and if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.

    In optimal conditions, the latest IONIQ 5 is capable of accepting power at up to 240kW and IONIQ 6 at 239kW.

    Frequently asked questions about Plug & Charge.

    Plug & Charge is a new way to charge your car where authorisation is done automatically by connecting the cable with your vehicle. Authorization via charging card or app is no longer needed. If Plug & Charge is available for your vehicle and activated, simply plug the cable of a Plug & Charge capable charging station to your vehicle and the charging session starts automatically.
    Plug & Charge is not available for every vehicle. Please check the manual of your vehicle if it is capable for Plug & Charge or contact your Hyundai retailer in any case of doubt.

    Plug & Charge is currently free of charge and therefore no additional costs other than the actual charging fees will occur for using this service.

    No, charging via Plug & Charge is only possible at charging stations that support this functionality. You can filter for charging stations capable for Plug & Charge authorisation within the filter section in the Charge myHyundai map at "Access".

    There are 2 options:

    1. When available, please press the "STOP" button on the charging station. This is located either on the display of the charging station or to the right of the display of the charging station.

    Please note, stopping the charging process may take up to a few minutes. After the charge is finished, the connector will automatically unlock and you can place it back into its position at the station.

    2. Release the connector through the manufacturer's instructions, e.g. via the car key or by pressing the release button on the charging port.

    Please check the Plug & Charge status in the contract section of your account on the Charge myHyundai website. The status must be "Enabled" and the Plug & Charge service needs to be installed in your vehicle. If you are still not able to charge via Plug & Charge, please contact your Hyundai dealership.

    Please delete your Charge myHyundai contract that you have used to activate Plug & Charge for your vehicle.