Electrify your fleet with Hyundai

If you’re considering a new fleet partner, Hyundai should be top of your shortlist. We want to make things as easy as possible to help you find the right car for your business.


Whether you're looking for a practical Plug-in Hybrid SUV or a striking electric saloon, with our range of innovative, high-quality cars, you and your company car drivers will enjoy low running costs, efficiency, the latest technology and stylish design.


Choose Hyundai, and electrify your fleet.


A modern fleet choice.

Choose Hyundai if you want to offer your drivers a variety of fuel efficient, high-tech, and exciting cars.
  1. Hyundai icon of carbon footprint.

    Efficient by design

    Whether you’re looking for a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric car, each model in our broad electrified range has been designed with efficiency in mind, so you’re sure to find the perfect car for your business needs.

  2. Hyundai icon of efficiency.

    Low running costs

    It’s not just our fuel efficiency and low emissions that help keep costs down. Our models also benefit from low insurance groups and low service, maintenance and repair costs.

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    On-going support

    We pride ourselves on providing one of the very best aftersales support in the industry. It comes in the form of our Aftersales Charter –a range of guarantees which make sure your Hyundai is never needlessly off the road.


    Solutions for drivers & managers.

    We aim to fully understand your business' requirements, whether you are a company car driver, small business owner, small/medium enterprise, or multinational. Our dedicated team will ensure you receive tailored fleet solutions, including the right cars for your needs, financial options, and professional support.
    1. Driver in the Hyundai i30 looking out of the sun roof.

      Company car driver.

      Whether you know what you need or want to create a shortlist, check out our model range to find the company car that fits your purpose, including a variety of electrified powertrain options. No matter what you choose, you can expect the latest connectivity, safety, and convenience features.

      Need more? 

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    1. Hyundai IONIQ 5 driving along the road

      Small and medium businesses.

      In addition to our wide range of cars, Hyundai offers exceptional service: from finding you the right car for your purposes, to pricing, finance, and continued support.

      Please contact your local Hyundai team for more information.

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    1. Woman in the back seat of the Hyundai IONIQ 5, using the vehicle to load functionality.

      International fleet management.

      If you are managing an enterprise fleet, you need more than just great cars. You need reliable service tailored to your unique needs. The Hyundai fleet team understands your requirements and is ready to support you.
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    Explore our wide range of powertrains, including full electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid options.

    Battery Electric Vehicles

      Plug-in Hybrid & Hybrid Vehicles

        Petrol Vehicles

        1. KONA
            The Hyundai range parked in front of a building.
            Model Body type Electric Plug-in Hybrid Hybrid 48V Hybrid Petrol Diesel Fuel Cell
            i10 City car        
            i20 Small car      
            i30 Family hatch
            KONA Compact SUV
            KONA Electric
            KONA Hybrid
            TUCSON Mid-size SUV  
            TUCSON Plug-In Hybrid
            TUCSON Hybrid
            IONIQ 5 Electric CUV
            IONIQ 5
            IONIQ 6 Electric Saloon
            IONIQ 6
            SANTA FE 7-seat SUV  
            SANTA FE Plug-In Hybrid
            SANTA FE Hybrid
            NEXO SUV            

            Reasons to go electric.

            1. Long term services explained to a customer by a Hyundai Service Expert.

              Long term savings.

              Electric vehicles benefit from lower maintenance costs as they have fewer wearing parts. Overall, the total cost of ownership for electric vehicles can be lower than for cars with internal combustion engines.
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            1. Sustainability of Hyundai with the first all electric car IONIQ.

              Reduce CO2 emissions.

              Electrifying your company fleet is a great way to reduce its carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals. Talk to your Hyundai fleet sales specialist to discuss your charging options for plug-in hybrids or full-electric cars.
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            Contact our team.

            Whatever your fleet requirements, with our specialised knowledge and tailored services, we can find the right car for you. Your business is unique and we'll get to know exactly how it works to deliver a solution that fits perfectly.
            If you have a fleet of 25 cars or more, please call us on 0344 346 0121 or request a call back.
            If you are a company car driver or have a smaller fleet of vehicles, please contact your nearest retailer.


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