Convenient & time-saving.

The latest enhancements are now available at the push of a button – you no longer have to visit your local retailer. The advantage: your Hyundai always receives the newest software features and performance updates just like a new car.

  1. Hyundai icon stress-free.

    Nice and easy.

    Comfortable, stress-free and time-saving, you no longer have to travel to your retailer to update your software.

  2. Hyundai icon ribbon.

    Always up-to-date.

    You benefit from the latest vehicle software updates, sent directly to your vehicle from the experts at Hyundai.

  3. Hyundai icon thumbs-up.

    Cutting edge performance.

    You get new functions, upgrades and quality improvements for free. You benefit from the latest performance technology.

    What type of updates are there?

    On top of map and infotainment software updates for various models, IONIQ 6 is the first Hyundai that offers Over The Air (OTA) vehicle software updates. More and more Hyundai models will soon be capable of these updates.
    The Hyundai map and infotainment system updating over the air.

    Map & infotainment software updates.

    Get all the latest features and upgrades by keeping your map & infotainment software updated.
    The Hyundai vehicle software updating over the air.

    Vehicle software OTA updates.

    Always up-to-date, like a new car with quality improvements and new functions.