Reaching new horizons with electric.

Electric cars have come a long way in a short time and are now opening up new horizons in sustainability. Discover how we’re focusing on making the remarkable performance and efficiency of electric open to all.

Reasons to drive an electrified vehicle.

There are many reasons to go electric: the driving experience, sustainability, and reduced emissions – explore everything about going electric and find out what kind of electrified powertrain best suits your lifestyle.
The Hyundai IONIQ 6 EV parked at home with two people walking around the car.

Travel far and wide with zero emissions.

A large capacity lithium-ion polymer battery gives you the freedom you need.
The Hyundai TUCSON parked in the background

Charge myHyundai.

  • Access to more than 500,000 public charging stations in 30 European countries
  • Cross border charging with one single contract through e-roaming
  • All charging sessions & invoices available in the Charge myHyundai web portal & app
  1. The IONIQ 5 Interior with a woman driving

    A pleasure to drive.

    Enjoy thrilling electric acceleration thanks to the power of instant torque that electric vehicles provide.

  2. The roomy interior of one of Hyundai's electric vehicles, due to no transmission and gear shifter.

    Spacious interior.

    Electric vehicles don’t have a transmission like conventional cars. Not having a big centre tunnel or gear shifter inside the car lets us create a flat floor and more room for passengers.

  3. Enjoy the silence of Hyundai's IONIQ 5 electric vehicle.

    Nice and quiet.

    Thanks to their low-noise electric motors, electric vehicles make almost no noise at lower speeds compared to their internal combustion counterparts.

    The Hyundai IONIQ 5 parked.

    Built for safety.

    Hyundai Electric Vehicles are built with extensive safety measures for optimal passenger safety and protection.
    The Hyundai IONIQ 5 getting plugged in at a charging point like e.g. an IONITY high-speed charger.

    Charging has never been easier.

    More charging stations in cities and high-speed providers like IONITY make charging easier than ever.
    Two Hyundai mechanics checking your Hyundai EV more sporadic compared to a normal car.

    Electric vehicles require less maintenance.

    Electric battery vehicles have no oil and no transmissions which means they need less maintenance.
    A beach scenery and the IONIQ 5 about to charge. A woman is standing next to the car.

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    Get to know our tariffs. Charging prices depend on the maximum charging speed. Generally, a fast charging speed implies higher cost. Reduced charging rates from preferred partners may be regarded as exceptions.

    Different choices for different lifestyles.

    Learn about the different electrified powertrain choices and which best suits your personal lifestyle.

    Discover our electrified vehicles.


      *Maximum range according to WLTP combined cycle. Specification dependent. Actual range will vary depending on factors including road conditions, outdoor temperature, driving style, use of climate control and battery condition.

      **350kW ultra-fast charger required for quickest charge times - chargers are currently available on selected arterial routes – see Charge myHyundai map for details. Not currently available in Northern Ireland.

      Hyundai test data for comparison purposes. Actual time will vary and is dependent on several factors including battery temperature, condition and age, ambient temperature and the power provided by the charger. Charge time increases in cold weather and if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.

      In optimal conditions, the latest IONIQ 5 is capable of accepting power at up to 240kW and IONIQ 6 at 239kW.