Bolder design.

Featuring a more dynamic road presence, a futuristic new look, and a larger living space for all your adventures, this bold, upscaled SUV is still very much at home on city streets and country roads.
The Hyundai all-new KONA parked on the road

Maximised space. 

To provide maximised living space, the all-new KONA has evolved, growing wider and longer, without losing any of its iconic design identity.
The all-new Hyundai KONA electric parked in front of a lake with a woman standing next to it.

Seamless Horizon Lamp.

The pure, distinctive front end is highlighted by a Seamless Horizon Lamp, arching elegantly across the entire bonnet for a more dynamic road presence.

Dynamic EV-first design.

Sleekly sculpted, the all-new KONA’s futuristic design started with an EV-first approach, combining a clean, distinctive front end with aerodynamic flowing lines. But despite its futuristic appearance, the all-new KONA never lets you forget that it’s an SUV. Its dynamic styling is accentuated with boldly sculpted wheel arch cladding that incorporates the headlamps and taillamps.

Available with a variety of powertrains.

The all-new KONA is available in three powertrains, including fully electric, hybrid and a petrol engine.