New year, new you, new car –
does your car suit your lifestyle?

01 February, 2019

Now is the time to get the right car for you.

A new car can be many things – stylish, powerful and downright exciting to name a few – but most importantly it is meant to be practical. The car you drive should always suit your day-to-day lifestyle as well as your dreams and aspirations.

And what better time to reassess your personal circumstances and choice of vehicle than right now? It’s a brand new year, a brand new you, and perhaps buying a brand new car is at the top of your to-do list!



The way you live and the things that are important to you don’t stay the same forever, and neither does the type of car that’s perfect for your needs. Essentially, your life can change gears as quickly as a Hyundai on the open road. Whether it’s a new job, a growing family, a change of location, different financial means or simply a shift in priorities, things invariably happen that impact the suitability of the car you currently own. For example, anyone with work commitments requiring regular long-haul commutes will appreciate a vehicle designed to optimise fuel economy. 

If you suddenly find that your old car just isn’t quite big enough, fast enough or impressive enough – or doesn’t include the features and accessories you desire – why not do yourself a favour and buy a car that ticks the key boxes?


When weighing up your decision to buy a new car, it’s important to consider practicalities as well as performance. When is the warranty on your current car due to expire? Will you be able to get a good trade-in deal? Are the safety features on your prospective new purchase in line with your expectations of a modern family car? Is the price point or finance option acceptable for your present position? And of course, does the size of your car fit your needs?

Before 2019 truly kicks into gear, do a quick stocktake of your existing goals, circumstances and requirements – this will help you choose a new car that complements the new you.




As crucial as it is to think about those big parts of life like work, home and family, you also want a car that’s built to handle your hobbies and all the things you actually do on a regular basis. For example, a golfer, surfer, musician or camping enthusiast might need a larger car with sufficient space for loads of equipment, while a professional living in the city might prefer something compact and convenient for driving and parking amongst all that traffic. 

Could you take multiple passengers on a road trip? Is your car made for those off-road adventures you’ve been talking about for months? The person who best understands your lifestyle, movements and interests is you, so don’t forget to factor in everything when it comes to changing cars.


Modern life can get busy and you can’t always find time to focus on yourself. However, you’re absolutely certain that you deserve a new car. Perhaps upgrading your Hyundai has been on your mind for a while, but for whatever reason you keep putting it off. You’ve crunched the numbers, you know you can afford your favourite model, and you’re keen to get behind the wheel of the car that fits the bill. Well, the start of a new year offers the ideal opportunity to make that change. Soon you’ll be going places fast both in life and on the road.


As your lifestyle and priorities change, so too does popular technology. Perhaps you’ve recognised the long-term value of hybrid/electric vehicles like the Hyundai IONIQ or the all-new Hyundai Kona Electric and you would like to make one your next car. The IONIQ Electric, for example, offers you the perfect transition to zero-emission electric driving. The large-capacity battery delivers 230km on a single charge and will reach 80% capacity in less than 25 minutes via a 100kW DC fast charger. Now that’s the next generation of eco-friendly motoring.



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