The parents' road trip checklist for the long weekend.

01 February, 2019

Make that family adventure hassle-free with Hyundai Santa Fe.

There’s no need to fear the back-seat battle on your next road trip when you’re driving Hyundai’s Santa Fe, featuring enough space and comfort to keep the whole family at peace. But if you’re looking for some extra tips, we’ve put together our checklist for making your next family adventure a memorable one (for all the right reasons).

1. Keep everyone entertained.

Keeping all family members occupied is the number one tip to enjoying your road trip this long weekend. Combat the onset of inevitable boredom by preparing a list of easy-to-play in car activities and games for you and the kids. Putting together a playlist of everyone’s favourite songs is a great way to keep all passengers happy. But make sure to pack a couple of headphones for those who would rather block out the noise and nestle into a book. If you’re fans of technology, download a selection of family friendly movies, television shows, audiobooks and games before you leave for your trip. With the Hyundai Santa Fe’s in-built USB power point chargers, you’ll never have to worry about your devices running out of charge. Plus, with the Hyundai iPad holder – mounted securely on the front headrest – it’s easy for rear seat passengers to enjoy apps, internet and entertainment while on the move.  

2. Avoid travel sickness.

Be sure to pack plenty of towels and garbage bags and have a change of clothes handy in case of any travel sickness. For those family members who are prone to motion sickness, road trips aren’t always the most exciting idea of a holiday. Avoid spicy or greasy foods and opt for dry crackers and water instead of juice. For the little ones, reducing sensory input and offering other distractions, such as listening to music, playing games like I-spy and encouraging conversation will alleviate the effects.

3. Factor in regular stops.

There’ll be lots to see and do, so make time to break up the family road trip with frequent stops along the way. It’s the perfect opportunity to regroup, stretch your legs, and see a town or city that you would otherwise never come across. Hyundai has incorporated safety as its top priority in their new Santa Fe, with an in-built Driver Attention Warning system and several other safety features that can detect when you’re due for some fresh air. Our hot tip is to pack a ball or Frisbee in the boot to give the kids a chance to run around and let off some steam. By the time you get back in the car, they’ll be sound asleep!

4. Pack plenty of snacks.

There’s nothing worse than grumpy and hungry travellers, so plan ahead and pack plenty of goodies to get you through your trip. With travel time between towns and cafes often unpredictable, it’s important to have enough food to satisfy all passengers (big and small). We recommend bringing along an Esky to keep food like sandwiches and fruit cool and fresh; this way you can prepare excess without worrying that it will spoil. Insulated water bottles are also a must-have, and are easy to refill along the way. Try to stick to healthier food options as eating the wrong foods can lead to driver fatigue and a sugar overload for the kids. 

5. Be prepared for an emergency.

Repurpose an old sewing or tackle box as your portable first aid kit. A travel essential, pharmacies and medical centres may be difficult to locate when on the road, so ensure you have all your basics and any prescription medication in the boot of your car. Band aids, instant ice and heat packs, thermometers and pain and anti-inflammatory medicine are all crucial for families on the move. For convenience and extra peace of mind, choose the 4-pocket First Aid Kit from the great selection of Hyundai Accessories. You’ll be well prepared to treat minor injuries when out and about.

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