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Hyundai X BTS, IONIQ : I’m on it.

Hyundai X BTS, IONIQ : I’m on it.

The song IONIQ: I'm on it, expressing 'the infinite possibilities of our lives' in line with IONIQ’s goal to offer customer centric EV experiences centered on connected lifestyle solutions.

‘Creating and developing an electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.’

Since the end of last year, Hyundai Motors Indonesia has committed to develop environmentally friendly vehicle technology in Indonesia. In collaboration with Grab Indonesia to launch the Hyundai IONIQ Electric as an electric vehicle mobility service.

Through this song, Hyundai wants to show how far they wanted to develop an environmentally friendly future with innovative electric mobility.

Hyundai X BTS, IONIQ : I’m on it.

‘Electric Vehicle,
Future mobility for better Indonesia’

This is where Hyundai comes in. If we are to progress as humans and be as mobile as ever, clean fuel solutions must be implemented. And Hyundai is committed to utilizing clean energy in future mobility solutions. Hyundai Motors Indonesia has already taken the lead in electric vehicle technology with the introduction of Ioniq Electric.