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Hyundai #GerakkanHarapan Bersama Indonesia

We live in extraordinary times.
We live in a time of disruption.

We are going through a challenging journey.
But living in this time of disruption doesn’t mean everything is canceled.

Because the truth is that while COVID-19 has limited our mobility,
it does not limit the mobility of the indomitable human spirit.
Our faith, hope, resilience, connection, these are what drive us forward during these immovable times.
The indomitable spirit of every Indonesian. This is US.

Covid Campaign

Yesterday….brought with it fear, worry, uncertainty.
Yet, here we are today facing the challenges head on with grit in our hearts,
and courage in our eyes.
And we face this, every single day.
In our hospitals. At our borders. On our streets.

What fuels our bravery?

Is it our refusal to let our friends endure hardship alone?
Our undying determination to keep each other safe?
Our resolve to see the end of all of this?
Because whatever tomorrow brings,
we know this…

Bersama Hyundai Motors Indonesia

Covid Campaign Stay at Home

We will take care of our own.

And everyone is playing their part.
Support us by stay at home
Together, we will see better days.

So stay strong, Indonesia.