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Hyundai X BTS : The Great Nature

At the cusp of progress, Indonesia is bustling with the energy and passion for progress
At the center of this progress is HYUNDAI
We are riding into the future of innovation, a future with cleaner engine and a future filled with connected mobility.
It all starts with YOU.
The future of mobility is not TOMORROW.
It’s NOW. Experience it with Hyundai

Artists with a message

BTS is one of those groups of artists that comes along once in a lifetime – a cultural apex. Not only do they provide beautiful music and stunning visuals, they inspire others to create their own art, something especially valuable during these times. This ripple effect is the same made by a stone in a pond. It allows for culture to grow and progress to be made exponentially.

Huyndai x BTS Presents

Hyundai X BTS: Presents for the Earth

BTS is inspired by the beauty of nature, and they have teamed up with Hyundai to create some gifts for the Earth – at a time when we need them most. On April 22, in celebration of Earth Day, Hyundai and BTS release the films for our planet. The film highlights the connection of each member to our natural world.

HyundaixBTS The Great Nature Film

‘Electric Vehicle,
Future mobility for better Indonesia’

This is where Hyundai comes in. If we are to progress as humans and be as mobile as ever, clean fuel solutions must be implemented. And Hyundai is committed to utilizing clean energy in future mobility solutions. Hyundai Motors Indonesia has already taken the lead in electric vehicle technology with the introduction of Ioniq Electric.