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Save Water Campaign

Being a socially responsible and environmentally conscious brand we launched Save Water Campaign last year on 5th June 2017, World Environment Day. Our campaign encouraged our customers to opt “Dry Wash” for their cars at Hyundai Service Centres. Each time choose to go for a Dry Wash for your car rather than a regular Water Wash, you end up saving 120 litres of Water. And your vehicle shines the same way as it does after a water wash.
Our Save Water Campaign received a huge positive response from all our customers in supporting this cause. Hyundai had promised to donate the water saved by the customers during these 45 days through dry wash to drought affected areas.
As committed we distributed drinkable water to many drought affected villages in India.
This year we continue our Drive to Save Water and make difference in someone’s life. You can do your bit, by opting for Dry Wash against a regular water wash for your car on your next visit to our service centre.

Let us together make the world a better place to live for the generations to come.

Get your car dry washed

You saved water. We shared water.