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Once upon a time Hyundai was a car company.

What does it take to make a car company realize that it needs to make more than just cars?
The answer is You.

We have always kept you at the center of our world which has inspired us to constantly innovate and come up with smarter solutions. Solutions that will make your life easier, healthier and convenient.
We are committed to leading the future of mobility in India with cars that are shared, connected and clean.
We have launched shared mobility services to let you own cars without owning one.
We are offering connected mobility to connect your car with your world.
We are bringing clean mobility with fuel cell and electric cars to offer a cleaner and healthier tomorrow.

In short, we are becoming a Smart Mobility Solutions Provider and not just a car company.
And all this is happening today…not tomorrow.


Shared Mobility


We have announced a partnership with Revv, India's fastest growing self-drive car sharing company, to develop an innovative car-sharing service. The strategic investment and partnership will enable both Hyundai Motor and Revv to build competency and the technology necessary for leading the future mobility market in India; an evolving market showing exponential growth. Hyundai Motor India will build prominent system with its ‘Open Innovation’ strategy.

Connected Mobility


The vision aims to provide a curated future lifestyle to customers in a society where all aspects of life are connected to mobility for a true Car-to-Life experience. Hyundai is far outpacing the competition in the development of connected car technologies for the hyper-connected society of the future. Our goal is to provide the widest possible variety of smart cars that can connect people seamlessly with their homes and offices, as well as with urban infrastructures.

Clean Mobility


Driving with clean and eco-friendly cars :

We are leading the charge for a cleaner tomorrow-one in which our planet and future generations can breathe more freely,
vehicles use smarter, more sustainable technology, and mobility happens without emissions.