Designed for performance.

Like the award-winning IONIQ 5 it is derived from, IONIQ 5 N’s pure design is a refreshing take on electric vehicles, stripping away complexity to celebrate clean lines and minimalistic structures – enhanced with high-performance design elements that balance raw power with precise poise.

The Look

Performance-enhancing design features.

IONIQ 5 N boasts several design elements that enhance its performance, such as the wing-type rear spoiler and a front active air flap for cooling. These features improve the sporty appearance of the standard model (IONIQ 5) but also maximise the track driving potential of this iconic high-performance electric vehicle.
  1. Front view of the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N high-performance electric vehicle.


    Free of the necessity to have a radiator grille, the front features an N Mask graphic fascia with functional mesh, supported by an air curtain and an additional active air flap for extra cooling. A lip spoiler on the lower bumper emphasises the car’s low-slung stance.
  2. Side view of the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N with Luminous Orange details.


    The Luminous Orange accent line at the bottom of the black front bumper cover is exclusive to the electric vehicle N models. It continues along the side skirts, creating a sporty exterior.
  3. The all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N and its wing-type N spoiler.


    IONIQ 5 N features a prominent wing-type N spoiler at the rear that supports optimal aerodynamic performance. This is further enhanced by the rear diffuser and air outlet, in Luminous Orange accents that highlight IONIQ 5 N's high-performance capability while enhancing its fierce styling.

    Performance-enhancing design elements.

    IONIQ 5 N exterior design takes inspiration from motorsports. The design elements make a bold statement and improve the performance of this agile driving masterpiece. Each element in its design has a specific function to enhance the driving fun experience.
    1. The aggressively sculpted air intakes of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N high-performance EV. 

      Front air intakes.

      The air intakes are designed to enhance aerodynamics and cool the performance braking system, which features 4-piston front callipers and high-friction pads.

    2. A picture of the 21" forged alloy wheel of the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N.

      21'' forged alloy wheels.

      The 21-inch aluminium wheels create a bold statement while reducing unsprung weight for improved handling and traction.

    3. The all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N and its wing-type N spoiler.

      Wing-type spoiler.

      With a longer version than its sibling, the IONIQ 5, the wing-type N spoiler helps control airflow and improve downforce, resulting in better grip.


      High-tech motorsport inspired cockpit.

      The driver-focused cockpit strikes a precise balance between high-end home to happiness and high-adrenaline performance. Every detail is designed with one goal in mind – to make every drive an exhilarating experience.
      1. The N bucket seats in the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. 

        N Bucket Seats.

        Welcome to the best seats in the house: the N Bucket Seats are recycled poly Alcantara and Leather finish. These sporty seats feature illuminated N logos that light up to welcome you when you open the door.
      2. Picture of the leather steering wheel of the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. 

        N steering wheel.

        In the IONIQ 5 N, your happiness is in your hands, you just need to get a grip on it. Which is easy with the newly designed N leather steering wheel with the N Grin Boost button in red and Drive Mode button in blue, perfectly placed for instant gratification.
      3. Closeup view of the sporty pedals inside the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N.

        Optimised sport pedal design.

        Due to the sporty nature of N driving, IONIQ 5 N’s pedals are created for maximum foot contact. For track driving scenarios that involve oversteering, drifting and power slides, reducing the risk of foot slippage.
      4. The center console with track driving knee pads of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. 

        Track-optimised centre console.

        The centre console of the vehicle is optimised for driving comfort with knee pads and shin support, as well as enhanced rigidity for additional support. For everyday convenience, the console features a sliding armrest, five USB Type-C ports (three in the front and two in the rear), a wireless charger, and cupholders.

        Colours & Materials

        Sustainable materials with a very sporty edge.

        Optimised for performance driving, and to enhance your daily happiness level. IONIQ 5 N's sleek interior features exclusive Performance Blue contrast stitching throughout the front interior. The checker flag theme, inspired by tracks and IONIQ 5's iconic parametric pixels, can be seen on the door scuff panels, metal pedals, and footrest.
        The new checkered flag theme of Hyundai IONIQ 5 N highlighted by blue LED ambient lighting. 

        Stylish ambient lighting.

        Multi-coloured ambient lighting sets a sporty tone together with IONIQ 5 N's new checker flag theme on the door's armrest.
        Sustainable materials in the IONIQ 5 N.