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Innovation Design


Sensuous Sportiness
- Evolution of Hyundai’s design identity.
Design Philosophy : Concept car SEVEN with a view of the interior through the open door
A left side view of the all-new SONATA driving down a two lane road.
Rear quarter view of IONIQ 6

Design direction
: Sensuous Sportiness

Since 2018, Hyundai has embraced the design philosophy of "Sensuous Sportiness," which seamlessly blends cutting-edge solutions with captivating emotional appeal.

It focuses on integrating our taste and vision into the inherent beauty, structure, proportion, and styling of cars.
[Structure] Innovative design that crosses the boundaries of function and form

[Proportion] Design that uses ratio to express the car's personality

[Styling] Harmony embodied in pure volume and sharp lines
Design Philosophy : IONIQ concept car 45, PROPHECY, SEVEN
The 'Hyundai Look' is can be described as the opposite of a 'family look'. Each car's design stems from its targeted customers’ lifestyle.
Pony Coupe Concept

Hyundai's signature look

We approach our designs with a chess-like strategy.
Instead of maintaining a consistent family look across the (entire) lineup,
we offer a variety of designs that cater to customers' unique lifestyles and preferences,
similar to the diverse chess pieces on a chessboard.

Hyundai cars may vary in appearance, but design details like pixel lights
present them as a cohesive group while maintaining their individual
roles and personalities.
Design Philosophy : Side view of SEVEN concept
Pony Coupe concept and the N Vision 74

Hyundai's EV design message
: A Timeless Value

We seek inspiration from the past, shaping a timeless, meaningful connection to create cars for the future.

Hyundai's design philosophy takes us on an engaging journey, seamlessly blending design into people's lives as it adapts and evolves alongside them.

This reflects our distinctive viewpoint on the definition of "Timeless Design".

A new icon of the EV era : IONIQ.

The IONIQ models offer an innovative and efficient car experience with a strong emotional appeal.

It features a unique design signature called Parametric Pixel, which visually connects all IONIQ models.

Parametric pixel represents a link between the digital and analog worlds, connecting different eras and generations.

This design element is applied to the lamps, showcasing Hyundai's distinctive identity in electric vehicles (EVs).
Design Philosophy : IONIQ concept car 45, PROPHECY, SEVEN standing side by side

Optimal typology
: Seamless Horizon.

Seamless Horizon stretches across the vehicle's front, inspired by the transition from night to morning and symbolizing the intersection of future and present in Hyundai's design.

The seamlessly designed one-piece lamp signature, like the frameless doors and flush-type door handles, showcases the perfect blend of technology and art.

Hyundai's vision for seamless future mobility design achieves a harmonious balance, complementing the prominent grille design.
Pixelated Seamless Horizon Rearlamp of The all-new KONA Electric
Seamless Horizon Lamp of The all-new AZERA

The concept car SEVEN embodies.

Hyundai's design philosophy and incorporates
all the key
features of the IONIQ models, including
  • Spatial
  • Aerodynamic
  • Parametric Pixel Lights
    and graphics
  • Sustainable

Our efforts to achieve exceptional design
will be reflected in all future models.

Parametric Pixel Lights