10 Years, $13 million and counting.

30 May, 2024

On the eve of the 2024 Hyundai National Dealer Meeting, Hyundai Help for Kids had double reason for celebrating. We blew out the candles for our 10th birthday and reached the inspirational milestone of $13 million in contributions.

When the Hyundai National Dealer Network and Hyundai Motor Company Australia established Hyundai Help for Kids just over a decade ago, our mission was to build an initiative that would directly align the purchase of our vehicles with helping Australian children. This strategy has meant that every Hyundai buyer in the country since 2014 has helped raise funds for charitable organisations who share our mission to create brighter tomorrows for kids in need.

Beyond raising money with each car sold, Hyundai Help for Kids provides Hyundai vehicles to charities to aid them in their work. For example, road transfers to and from the free medical flights provided by Little Wings; ferrying Clown Doctors to remote and regional areas; driving families and their children being treated in hospital whilst staying at a Ronald McDonald House; and even providing vans for transporting Assistance Dogs. It is an overarching program that provides support and comfort to those who need it most. Our eight national partners are:

Assistance Dogs Australia

Bear Cottage

Kids Research Institute

Children’s Cancer Institute Australia

Little Wings

Make-A-Wish Australia

The Humour Foundation’s Clown Doctors

Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia

This year, we have expanded our reach to provide funding to support more localised partnerships under the Hyundai Help for Kids banner. This helps empower Hyundai regional offices and Dealers to activate locally for causes that resonate with their geographic market and help raise awareness of Hyundai Help for Kids at a local level.  Our eight regional partners are:

Miracle Babies Foundation

Little Stars Foundation

Children’s Hospital Foundation

Football Futures Foundation

Kickstart for Kids

Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

Very Special Kids

Regional Queensland Hospitals Equipment support

A milestone of $13 million in contributions is certainly something to celebrate, but when we recently asked our partners what the funds have actually meant in terms of tangible support for kids in need, the responses really brought it home. Here are just three examples of Hyundai Help for Kids’ incredible impact over 10 years:

·  Our partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia has seen us provide support to the value of $3.6 million. This support equates to 23,008 nights of accommodation for families staying at a Ronald McDonald House facility.

·  The Humour Foundation provides smiles and laughter to ill, scared and anxious children in hospitals throughout Australia via their world famous Clown Doctors program. Hyundai Help for Kids has provided this amazing charity with more than $1.1 million in support, a figure that has enabled them to conduct 928 Clown Rounds, benefiting more than 118,000 children.

·   Little Wings brings together pilots and air crew who volunteer their time to help fly sick children and their families from regional areas to city hospitals to access specialised treatment. Hyundai Help for Kids has funded an amazing 273 flight missions, plus a ground transport fleet of Hyundai vehicles travelling more than 3 million kilometres throughout regional NSW, ACT & Queensland.

Hyundai Help for Kids is not just about money. It’s far more than giant cheques and handshakes. Hyundai Help for Kids is about the feeling of community, of being part of something larger than yourself. It’s about getting involved. Everyone from the National and Regional offices through to Dealers, staff and of course our customers.

We’re so very proud of what has been achieved and extremely motivated and excited about creating even brighter tomorrows for kids today.

Celebrating 10 Years of Brighter tomorrows here.

About Hyundai Help for Kids

Hyundai is busy creating the world it envisions. This progressive spirit inspires the work they do for Hyundai Help for Kids, imagining a brighter future for kids in need.

And that’s why at Hyundai Help for Kids… brighter tomorrows, start today.

Hyundai Help for Kids has raised more than $13 million as at the end of April 2024 and is an initiative of Hyundai and Hyundai Dealers to lend a helping hand to young Australians and their families.

A dedicated communications and resource hub for the Hyundai Help for Kids program, including a suite of social media outlets, offers connectivity points with the organisation, its partners and their ongoing work.

For further information about Hyundai Motor Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and for all information related to the Hyundai Help for Kids initiative visit:

Website:      Hyundai Help for Kids | Why Hyundai | Hyundai Australia

Facebook:   https://www.Facebook.com/HyundaiHelpForKids

Twitter:         https://Twitter.com/HMCAHelpForKids

Instagram:   http://instagram.com/hyundaihelpforkids

LinkedIn:     https://www.linkedin.com/company/hyundaihelpforkids/

* new direct to dealer Hyundai vehicles excluding rental and company cars.

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