Compliance Culture

Operating in accordance to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity is of utmost importance for Hyundai Motor Europe. Therefore, we have built a European Compliance Management System with the following pillars:

1.      Dedication

We dedicate the necessary time and resources to implement and manage an effective compliance structure that promotes respect to applicable laws and internal policies among our employees across Europe.

Hyundai Motor Europe has established a dedicated compliance function of which Mr. Hyun-Soo Kim is Chief Compliance Officer. He reports directly to Hyundai Motor Europe’s CEO.

You can reach our compliance team in the following email address:   

2.      Spreading Awareness

We make sure that the employees know and understand how to conduct business in line with applicable laws and in accordance to our values. With this purpose, we have created a European Code of Conduct that reflects the company’s key legal obligations and ethical standards. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by specific policies and guidelines on topics that are of high relevance for the organization.

Likewise, we provide our managers and employees with regular training that helps them avoiding illegal and/or unethical practices and taking the right decision.

For more details please read our Hyundai Motor Europe Code of Conduct available on this link.

3.      Risk Management

Our Compliance team is in charge of identifying and monitoring the main risks our organization and our business units are exposed to. Additionally, procedures and measures to control and/or mitigate those risks are implemented and regularly reviewed.

4.      Report your concerns

An early identification of possible violations of applicable laws or of our Code of Conduct is key for us to take appropriate actions in a timely manner. Therefore, it is important that you inform us in case you become aware or suspicious of certain misconduct. You can report it through our Whistleblowing Platform, available in the following site: 
This platform guarantees the confidentiality and you have the possibility to report anonymously if this is permitted by the local laws.