The Hyundai world at your fingertips.

Enjoy easy access to services and infos relevant to you and your vehicle. Get in touch with your preferred dealer any time via Live Consult, schedule service appointments – and get roadside assistance fast if needed. All the convenient services to make daily driving easy in one place.
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Connected Car functions.

Through Bluelink® integration, myHyundai app will keep you connected to your car. See status functions to make sure your Hyundai is ready for your journey.

Access myHyundai today.

You are just 3 steps away to immerse yourself in a Hyundai experience.

Service functions

Discover what myHyundai can do for you.

Taking care of your Hyundai has never been so easy. Schedule service appointments, track your vehicle service history and receive dealer support regarding exterior spare parts. Access all the information you need about your vehicle's health in one place.
Your service history with all repairs and their prices in the myHyundai mobile app & web portal.

Service history.

Fast and transparent. Access your entire vehicle service history. myHyundai gives you an overview of your vehicle's previous service appointments.

Roadside Assistance.  Better than ever.

Every Hyundai is built to the highest possible quality standards - but incidents can always happen. If your vehicle has a breakdown or a flat tire, help will be just a call away. Receive assistance from a Hyundai specialist whenever and wherever you need it. The Roadside Assistance feature in the myHyundai app makes it easy to get help fast.
  1. The logo of the roadside assistance emergency service button of the myHyundai app.


    Just open the app and hit the Roadside Assistance service button on the home screen. Tell us what your issue is and a Hyundai specialist will be on the way.

  2. The Hyundai roadride assistance is integrated in the myHyundai app making it easy to access.


    Roadside assistance is designed for your convenience. Getting support when you need it is fast and easy. A few simple taps on your smartphone and help is on the way.

  3. The myHyundai keeps you informed where the ordered mechanic is at the moment.


    myHyundai app keeps you informed about every step. You see when help is on the way to you and the location of your mechanic in real time.

    Roadside Assistance. Any day, any time.

    We’ve got you! Roadside Assistance makes sure you are never stuck on the side of the road. When and wherever you need it, a Hyundai specialist will be at your disposition to get you back on the road.

    More great myHyundai features.

    myHyundai makes everything about buying and owning a Hyundai more convenient. Read more about some of the new features below and check back regularly – more features are coming very soon.
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    Access via Hyundai Account.

    Be among the first to try out myHyundai’s many services. It's fast and easy to create an account.


    Any more questions?

    Down here some of the most important and frequent questions on myHyundai. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact your personal Hyundai dealer.

    It's easy. You can access myHyundai in only 3 steps:

    1. Create a Hyundai Account. Your single account to access all your Hyundai services. Activate your account by using the verification link.
    2. Accept the Terms of Use and consent preferences.
    3. If your vehicle is not automatically added, link your vehicle to your account and start enjoying all the features and services designed for you!

    You do not need to own a Hyundai to be able to use the platform. myHyundai is available for Hyundai customers and fans! If you are a fan, you can access some of the myHyundai features However, to allow full access to all services and connectivity features, you will need to connect your Hyundai to your account.

    myHyundai is available to you at no cost.

    To access the platform, download the new version from your App Store and log into your existing account.
    The process is very quick and easy, and you can use the same email address you previously logged in with.

    myHyundai has been completely redesigned to offer a better experience and even more services. 

    myHyundai is continuously improving to offer you an immersive Hyundai experience in your smartphone. Stay tuned and do not miss out on the new features. For customers and fans!

    If you do not have a vehicle registered to your account, simple tap the Add Vehicle button and enter the chassis number of your car and attach the registration document.

    Bluelink® allows you to always stay connected with your car through services that make driving safer, easier and more fun. myHyundai uses Bluelink® to retrieve relevant vehicle information. Find out more about Bluelink® services.

    myHyundai is available for all Hyundai vehicles. The availability of some features will depend on your vehicle's equipment.

    To get detailed information on how we are using your data, please view our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.

    Certain functionalities described in this page might look different or be not available or partly available.