Owners may change, quality doesn't.

Find the perfect used car, trade in your current vehicle, and enjoy Hyundai’s industry-leading warranty. Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars Program offers a warranty period with a minimum duration of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years, also including a minimum period of 24 months of roadside assistance.

The approved used car programme.

The customer is at the heart of Hyundai’s Approved Used Cars Program. We have designed Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars to offer our customers peace of mind highlighting the core principles that represent comfort, transparency, and trust.

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    Peace of mind.

    Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars come with extended warranty and roadside assistance once our customers have had a go at test driving the vehicle of their choice. Flexible finance means our customers can purchase their vehicle with just as many options as they would, were they to buy a new vehicle.

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    Quick and easy.

    It is quick and easy to run a used car search on our website. You can get quick answers via website or directly at one of your local dealers as well as professional guidance on new technology. All the information on trading in your used vehicle and financial solutions are also available to you.

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    Reliable and certified.

    You can rely on the complete preparation of your vehicle and checks as well as vehicle history with a certificate by factory-trained technicians and the benefits from Hyundai’s warranty and car check inspection.

    Hyundai Promise.

    We’ve created the Hyundai Promise programme to provide a new, higher level of transparency to our customers – granting every buyer more peace of mind when purchasing a used car.  Thanks to our pan-European standards – which are identical at every dealership – You can depend on our reliability, efficiency, and warranty when you purchase a high-quality used vehicle from the Hyundai Promise programme.

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      Warranty With Roadside Assistance.

      Designed to give customers peace of mind, with warranty as that of a new car, customers will benefit from up to 5-year warranty with roadside assistance 24/7 with a minimum of 2 years. 1, 2, 3

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      Support And Advice For Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

      New electric powertrains bring a lot of questions and doubts to customers. With Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars, customers will get full transparency about all eco-car concerns as well as the charging solutions and procedures.

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      Extended Test-Drive.

      We want to make sure you have come to a secured decision in acquiring a Hyundai Promise Approved Used Car and so we offer the opportunity for you to go on an extended test-drive experience and to receive full explanation before making any decisions.

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      Flexible Finance.

      With competitive financial solutions; whether it be Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Hire (PCH), you are sure to find a financial option that suits your individual needs.

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      Guaranteed Trade-in Offer.

      You are guaranteed to have a trade-in offer on your current vehicle when purchasing a Hyundai Promise Approved Used Car based on a highly current and independent residual value.

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      History And Health Check.

      For your peace of mind, your new Hyundai Promise Approved Used Car comes with a full history of car mileage and refurbishment along with a 100-point check certificate issued by a Hyundai verified technician.

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      Seven-Day Delivery.

      As a Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars customer, you can expect to have your car delivered within 7 days of purchase. 1, 2, 3

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      Welcome Service Pack.

      At any dealership location, whether you may find it online or go to the nearest dealer to your home, you are guaranteed to leave with the special offer available at the time. 1, 2, 3

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      30-Day and 1000 km Exchange Guarantee.

      If for any reasons you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 30-day or 1000 KM guarantee that your car can be returned and exchanged by your dealer. 1, 2, 3

      Hyundai Promise Eco Cars Customer Benefits.

      As an investment for the near future Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars will integrate specific customer benefits for the Hyundai eco range. This will put Hyundai one step ahead in the used car market.

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        Dedicated support and advice for alternative fuel vehicles.

        New electric powertrains bring a lot of questions. To answer all customer questions, our dealers will provide the local contacts and solutions so customers can have local experts in those fields.
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        Battery health status.

        Every Hyundai Promise Approved Used Eco Cars customer will have a document that will measure their actual battery status. All Hyundai vehicles offer an 8-year warranty on batteries for electric cars.
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        Access to Hyundai charging stations.

        Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars can access Hyundai charging stations during their visit to the dealership. Restrictions may apply so please talk to your dealer about the offer conditions.
      2. Charge myHyundai.

        Charge myHyundai is a comprehensive and easy-to-use public charging solution that gives you access to more than 355,000 public charging stations in 29 European countries.

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        IONITY high-power charging.

        Featuring more than 1,700 high-power charge points along major European highways, IONITY makes long distance travel with electric vehicles the new normal. You benefit from maximum fast charging speeds and short charging sessions – with 100% renewable energy for emission-free and carbon neutral driving.

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        Free battery charge during maintenance.

        After maintenance, every customer should expect the same or more battery charge in their EV. No fear of running out of battery with our high quality of service.

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        Free assistance in case of energy range failure.

        Every customer will benefit from free assistance in case of range failure during the road assistance period. Service will still be available after that with charge.
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        Car rental solution.

        Customers will be informed of car rental solutions if available as part of the customer benefit package.
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