From electrifying today
to defining the future of mobility.

Hyundai does more than taking you from A to B. We're taking you from today to tomorrow. From long-range electric driving to the future of mobility. From convenient robotics to cruising the skies emission-free. From hydrogen vehicles to a sustainable society. Because progress comes in many shapes and forms, but for Hyundai, all that we do shares one purpose: to power your world.

Explore the world of Hyundai.

From advancing new technology to cruising the skies.

Hyundai is invested in defining the future of mobility, but also in finding new ways to power it. From bringing urban mobility to the skies to developing convenient robotics. From autonomous driving to meta-mobility – where robotics help to connect the virtual world with reality. We're empowering today and tomorrow's society to move better, autonomously, and more sustainably.
The Hyundai KONA Electric and KONA Mild-Hybrid driving next to each other

UAM (Urban Air Mobility).

Urban Air Mobility connects you to boundless transportation options on the ground, easing traffic congestion in metropolitan areas. Designed with low noise levels in mind, it offers emission-free comfort and convenience.
A man standing next to a Hyundai IONIQ

Humanity evolves with mobility.

Hyundai’s acquisition of Boston Dynamics and establishment of CRADLE, a global innovation community, furthers our commitment to developing future mobility solutions. By combining technical expertise with our vision for tomorrow, many innovative concepts will soon become a reality.

The freedom of autonomy.

The IONIQ 5-based Robotaxi was developed through our partnership with Motional, a pioneer and leader in driverless technology. It combines the safety and comfort of Hyundai’s vehicles with autonomous driving technology. Work or unwind with ease as this driverless taxi takes you safely to your destination.

From long-range electric driving to ultra-fast charging.

Zero driving emissions, impressive performance and a smooth, quiet ride are just some of the reasons to switch to electric. The 2022 World Car of the Year IONIQ 5 should leave you with no doubt. It combines a unique, human-centric design with cutting-edge technology and comfort. Thanks to ultra-fast charging, worrying about when to charge your car has become a thing of the past.
Woman smiling, the reflection of a Hyundai IONIQ in the window

Ultra-fast charging: from charging in minutes to driving for hours.

Lead the way with ultra-fast charging. As little as 18 minutes is all it takes to charge the IONIQ 5 up to 80%. Or thanks to its 800V battery technology, you can also get up to 100km of range in just 5 minutes. 2
The Hyundai KONA Electric and KONA Mild-Hybrid driving next to each other

Interior Comfort: unwind anytime, anywhere.

Recline comfortably in a smart living space that makes extensive use of natural and sustainably sourced materials. Like eco-processed leather and fabrics made from recycled plastic. The seats recline to an optimal angle, offering a weightless and soothing feeling.
A man standing next to a Hyundai IONIQ

Vehicle-to-Load: power any adventure.

Charge electric appliances and equipment on the go with our V2L adaptor. From e-bikes to camping stoves, no need to leave anything behind. It even works when the vehicle is turned off.
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Charging a greener world. Hydrogen: The fuel of the future. The power of V2G. Our vision for 2030 Carbon neutrality by 2045 Sustainabilityinside out. Our Sustainability Vision Today Tomorrow
Tomorrow Today Our vision for 2030. Carbon neutrality by 2045. Sustainabilityinside out. Hydrogen:The fuel of the future. The power of V2G. Charging a greener world. Our Sustainability Vision

From driving sustainability to building a hydrogen society.

For Hyundai, sustainability means not only rethinking our product line-up, but also the entire value chain. Every part of our operation – from sourcing materials to crafting each detail – is carefully considered to minimise our impact on the environment. From using sustainable materials in our production process to creating a society where mobility is powered by green hydrogen, we want to empower the world of tomorrow to move differently.
A man standing next to a Hyundai IONIQ

Charging a greener world.

We can only power a cleaner world if we pursue renewable energy sources. That’s why Charge myHyundai is here to make every charge as sustainable as possible, providing green energy back into the grid – equivalent to every charging session on the platform.
A man standing next to a Hyundai IONIQ

The power of V2G.

Vehicle-to-Grid will allow electric cars to store energy from renewable sources and feed that energy back to the grid during periods of peak demand. This benefits not only battery EV owners but also entire societies by helping to create a more balanced energy system. It’s one more step closer to powering progress for humanity.
A man standing next to a Hyundai IONIQ

Sustainability inside out.

One of our biggest efforts when it comes to creating a more sustainable future is the upcycling of manufacturing waste and the usage of eco-friendly materials. Our paints include corn oil and we use bioplastics made from renewable raw materials. Every detail – no matter how small – is implemented with sustainability in mind.
A man standing next to a Hyundai IONIQ

Hydrogen: The fuel of the future.

Hyundai is constantly looking to find new ways to power your world. Hydrogen is a highly efficient fuel source to generate electricity, producing only heat and water as by-products. This makes it an attractive power source for zero-emission vehicles and a revolutionary element to store and convert excess renewable energy – a true game-changer.
A man standing next to a Hyundai IONIQ

Our vision for 2030.

A little less conversation, a lot more action. That’s why our goal for 2030 is to electrify our entire range. For now, Hyundai offers two award-winning, all-electric models – IONIQ 5 and KONA Electric. Both with outstanding driving range, comfortable spacious interiors and the latest safety technology.

Carbon neutrality by 2045.

Our goal to neutralise CO2 emissions by 2045 applies to all stages of production and to our entire operation. Through the electrification of our product line-up and investment in new forms of energy such as Hydrogen, we are consistently leading the way towards a fully sustainable value chain.