A winning combination.

Nobody said that lowering emissions had to be boring. The new IONIQ Hybrid delivers a winning combination of space, style and refinement matched with the very latest in connectivity and technology.


Bluelink® connectivity.

Control your IONIQ Hybrid from your smartphone – or with your voice. Bluelink Connected Car Services delivers seamless connectivity with online voice recognition and features to make your drive more convenient and enjoyable. A free 5-year subscription to Hyundai’s LIVE Services is included with the 10.25” AVN system.  Enjoy access to real-time traffic, weather, speed control* and POI information.

The Hyundai Bluelink® Connected Car Services app.

Bluelink® Connected Car Services.

Bluelink® delivers seamless connectivity and clever features to make your drive more convenient.

Get there faster with real-time services.

Enjoy everything you need to make driving less stressful – and to get you there faster. A free 5-year subscription to Hyundai’s LIVE Services is included with the 10.25” AVN system. Access real-time information on petrol station locations and prices, traffic, weather and POI, as well as on & off-street parking and Hyundai dealerships – and even speed camera alerts where allowed by law.


A pinnacle of hybrid performance.

With its dynamic tandem of a direct injection petrol engine and battery-powered electric motor, the new IONIQ Hybrid is taking world-class fuel efficiency to the next level. Thanks to an engaging Dual Clutch Transmission and outstanding power performance with a combined output of 141 PS and 265 Nm of torque – you get a dynamic driving experience with plenty of torque when you need it most.

  1. Fuel consumption (combined test cycle) for the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid 1.0-litre T-GDi in l/100 km: 5.2 - 4.4; CO2 emissions (combined test cycle) in g/km: 119 - 100 (WLTP).
    All WLTP-Values here.

    6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission.

    The innovative Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) delivers a smooth ride for a truly enjoyable driving experience and faster responsiveness.
  2. Fuel consumption (combined test cycle) for the Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid in l/100 km: 1.1; Electric consumption (combined test cycle) in kWh/100 km: 11.7; CO2 emissions (combined test cycle) in g/km: 26 (WLTP). All WLTP-Values here.

    Petrol engine.

    A specially calibrated 1.6-litre GDI direct injection petrol engine delivers 105 PS with class-leading energy efficiency.
  3. Fuel consumption (combined test cycle) for the Hyundai IONIQ Electric in kWh/100 km: 13.8; CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 0 (WLTP).
    All WLTP-Values here.

    Electric motor.

    Enjoy electric acceleration. The 43.5 PS electric motor delivers high torque, high efficiency and impressive acceleration when starting.

    Energy flow.

    Depending on the driving situation, the new IONIQ Hybrid switches seamlessly between its petrol engine and electric motor. The regenerative braking system charges the battery by using the electric motor to slow the car. This stored energy then powers the electric motor to help in acceleration, uphill driving and low speed driving. This energy flow is illustrated in the following animations.
    1. Start/ Low Speed.

      When starting or driving at low speed, the electricity stored in the battery powers the electric motor to accelerate the IONIQ Hybrid.
    1. 1
    1. Acceleration/Uphill.

      During heavy acceleration or driving uphill, the electric motor and petrol engine work in pararell to maximise acceleration and minimise fuel consumption.
    1. 1
    1. Constant Speed.

      At constant speeds, power is provided by either the petrol engine or the electric motor, whichever is the most energy-efficient in that situation.
    1. 1
    1. Deceleration/Downhill.

      The regenerative braking system charges the battery by using the electric motor to slow the car. When decelerating or driving downhill, the energy generated is stored in the battery.
    1. 1

    Saving fuel and lowering emissions: ECO-DAS

    The excellent fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions of the new IONIQ Hybrid are supported by the ECO Driving Assistant System (ECO-DAS). When a route is entered into the navigation system, this predictive energy management system analyses the route, tapping into topography data to set an optimal mix of power from the battery and fuel from the engine. The Coasting Guide also informs the driver when a driving situation demanding deceleration is imminent to reduce fuel consumption.
    1. Two drive modes: ECO and Sport.

      The IONIQ Hybrid gives you two drive modes to match your mood: ECO and Sport – you’ll feel the difference instantly. 
    2. Adjustable Regenerative Braking.

      Adjustable Regenerative Braking charges the battery using the electric motor to slow the car. Select 4 levels of deceleration and charging strength.
    3. Paddle shifter control.

      In Sport Mode, the shift paddles give you the option to shift gears manually. In ECO Mode, they control the level of the Adjustable Regenerative Braking.


      Hyundai Smart Sense.

      Cutting-edge Advanced Driving Assistance Systems for more safety and peace of mind.

      1. Driver Attention Warning (DAW).

        When a pattern of fatigue or distraction is identified, the system gets your attention with an alert and pop-up message suggesting a break.
      2. Intelligent Speed Limit Warning (ISLW).

        Recognises road speed signs and displays the speed limit and no-passing signs in real time in both the navigation system display and the TFT cluster.
      3. High Beam Assist (HBA).

        Detects oncoming vehicles and vehicles in the same lane and automatically switches to low-beam. When no more vehicles are detected, it reactivates the high beams, maximising your range of vision.


        Clever, convenient and connected.

        Enjoy the seamless connectivity you expect and innovative tech that makes life easier. Designed to make every journey a good one, the new IONIQ Hybrid offers wide range of clever features and systems that provide more comfort and convenience for everyone on board.

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        Tyre information.

        Below you will find the information about the tyres which may come with your Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid.