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14 March, 2023

Medical issues, sibling transplants, long hospital stays, floods and family separation due to exhaustive medical treatments… this little family have endured a lot over the past 18-months. With thanks to several Hyundai Help for Kids partners, Jack and his family have been provided the care needed to help ensure his bright future.


Jack’s journey began at just three months old upon hospitalisation with a respiratory infection and was back in hospital several months later with pneumonia. Thanks to a haematologist with a hunch, blood tests were taken during that second stay at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, it was discovered that Jack's platelets were abnormally low. Further genetic testing when Jack was nine months old confirmed that Jack had Wiscott-Aldridge Syndrome; an immune deficiency that left Jack susceptible to infections.


During that time, Dad, Bethany and two other siblings were back home in a Flood ridden part of New South Wales. As the second devastating floods peaked and covered the family’s home, Little Wings flew the other children to Sydney to visit.

The family’s stay at Ronald McDonald House happened to fall over the Christmas period and Hyundai Help for Kids were fortunate enough to help Little Wings lift the families spirits higher and fulfill Jack and his siblings Christmas wish list. Santa was able to help spread the Christmas cheer and deliver this wish list directly to the family. The smiles were unstoppable as the gifts poured in and Santa rang that bell.


Jack's recovery has been nothing short of amazing. Just a few months on and it's hard to believe Jack is the same child. Bethany's bone marrow has effectively given her brother a cure, his 100-day tests showed he now has 97 per cent donor marrow. Jack now has his whole bright future ahead of him.

Hyundai Help for Kids is so proud to be able to partner with Little Wings, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. Please click on the links to find out more.


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