Choose the Hyundai Genuine Parts.

Hyundai Genuine Parts make an important contribution to ensuring that you are safe on the road in your Hyundai for many years. Installed by the experts at your Hyundai service partner, they ensure that your Hyundai remains 100% an original that you can rely on.

  1. Hyundai mechanic checks the brakes of the Hyundai.

    For quality that pays off for you.

    Hyundai Genuine Parts meet the highest standards of quality, because they correspond exactly to the components used in vehicle production. They are designed to harmonise perfectly with the other parts of your Hyundai. Thanks to their resistance to wear and tear, Hyundai Genuine Parts always offer the best price–performance ratio.
  2. Hyundai employee shows customer Hyundai products in the store.

    For short pit stops.

    Through the Hyundai logistics network and thanks to their perfect compatibility, Hyundai Genuine Parts are quickly installed on-site in the shortest possible time. This not only ensures that the vehicle is not in the garage for long, but also removes the need for time-consuming reworking.
  3. Hyundai mechanic fills the engine oil.

    For a long life on the road.

    Thanks to our motorsport experience, we know that even the smallest detail is always significant. That is why the reliability and durability of our Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested under extreme conditions. This ensures that they meet the highest standards of quality and that your Hyundai stays at its best for a long time.