Contemporary flair, inside and out.

The new i30 Hatchback has long been a reference for timeless confidence. Its latest incarnation is sure to satisfy any driver's desire for modern, sleek, and bold car design – from front to back, inside and out.


Ready to go anywhere – in style.

The exterior design that has always distinguished the i30 has been updated with a wide range of sleek new design elements. The front emphasises the i30’s more modern stance. The rear makes a statement of sophistication.  And seven new exterior colours add creative possibilities for your individual expression.
  1. Cut-out of the Hyundai i30 in grey, front view on white background.

    Expressive radiator grille.

    The wide look and modern stance enhances the i30's strong appearance. The new 3D pattern that accentuates the grille evokes reliable performance.
  2. The new Hyundai i30 pictured from the passenger side front.

    Front bumber and fog lamps.

    The new front bumper insert and the triangular fog lamp housing are now all black to match the radiator grill.
  3. The new Hyundai i30 pictured from the passenger side front.

    Lower air intake grille.

    The new design of the lower air intake grille harmonises with the revamped radiator grille and underlines the contemporary aesthetic of the i30.
  4. Cut-out of the new Hyundai i30 Wagon in grey, rear view on white background.

    Clear-cut lower bumper.

    The lower bumper line has been updated and now features a distinct silver-painted bezel for a crisp finish.
  5. Two different Hyundai-branded alloy wheels side by side, cut out on white background.

    New 16’’ alloy wheels.

    The 16” alloy wheels come in a new design that underlines the boldness of the Hyundai i30.


    Refined, smooth, and comfortable.

    The i30's unique design attitude shows on the inside, as well. Eye-catching details and high-quality surfaces await you inside the updated cabin, perfectly illuminated by new LED lighting. New seat cover options, and the latest multi-media technology invite you to sit back and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.
    1.  The cockpit of the new Hyundai i30 seen from the front passenger's position.

      Quality dashboard finish.

      In the updated i30 the dashboard comes with a coat of soft paint that gives a high-quality feel to the driver's space.
    2. The gearstick of the new Hyundai i30 seen from the driver's position.

      Central console. 

      There is a new black gloss finish on the central console of the i30.
    3. The front seats of the new Hyundai seen from the front.

      Seat trims with new materials.

      We have added two new upholstery styles that harmonise with the black interior: the first is cloth and the second a cloth and leather combination.