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Creta Performance - Perfect SUV | Hyundai India

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    Super performance delivered

Exceptionally dynamic

Its limit-optimized capabilities deliver driving as powerful as smooth for a dynamic experience without equal.




Ride handling

Full view of front and rear suspension

Advanced high strength steel (AHSS)

Use of Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) and Ultra High Strength steel (UHSS) to create body structure improved body endurance, Lighter body for better mileage and enhanced collision durability. Most of all, it means better passenger protection.

Full view of 6-speed automatic transmission

Motor driven power-steering (MDPS)

"With improved Motor driven power-steering (MDPS), you get
smooth and stable handling, better responses at different speeds.
Front and rear suspension designs also enhance steering response,
handling capability and stability"

Full view of 6-speed manual transmission

Noise, vibration, harshness (NVH)

Bask in the quiet with improved vehicle chassis rigidity and sound absorbing materials that reduce road and engine noise


Aerodynamic design

The sloping roof profile reduces forward air flow resistance and rear spoiler effect for improved fuel economy and driving stability

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