Performance that gets drivers’ hearts beating faster.

With Hyundai N – our high-performance sub-brand – we provide our customers fun-to-drive cars with dynamic everyday driving capabilities and racetrack-capable performance that will get drivers’ hearts beating faster.


N – Born in Namyang and honed at the Nürburgring.

N stands for Namyang, home of our global Research & Development centre. Born in Namyang and honed at the Nürburgring – the N logo also symbolises a racetrack’s chicane curve. Hyundai N cars are designed to perform – and to put a grin on your face. They are engineered to satisfy drivers who want to feel the burst of adrenaline that gets your heart beating faster – The pure joy of driving.
The Hyundai proving race track in Namyang, Korea, home of N.
The high-performance all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N shown from the rear in a garage.

The Birthplace of N – Namyang R&D Center.

The Namyang R&D Center in South Korea is the heart of Hyundai Motor's global R&D network, and the birthplace of our N models. It consists of a multitude of facilities and test roads that cover over 3.3 million square meters of land. With world-class researchers and facilities, Namyang serves as the ultimate think tank for the development of High-Performance N.

Green Hell – European Technical Center at Nürburgring.

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is also home to the Hyundai Motor European Technical Center where accelerated durability tests are conducted. The creation of this test centre in the middle of a battlefield that pits the world’s most advanced automotive technologies against the harshest road conditions, serves as a sign of Hyundai’s aggressive dedication towards the development of high-performance vehicle technology.


Our journey to N – driven by motorsport success.

Hyundai announced its re-entry to the WRC in 2012, unveiling the new i20 WRC concept car at the Paris Motor Show in September. And following almost a decade of developing our versatile N line-up of racetrack-ready road cars, we have expanded our range in Europe to include the i30 N, i30 Fastback N, i20 N, KONA N, and the all-electric IONIQ 5 N – with more models on the way.


A new level of performance – our first electric N model.

The IONIQ 5 N Hyundai's first all-electric N model shown from the side and rear.

Groundbreaking high-performance EV.

Introducing the IONIQ 5 N – our first all-electric N model – which is setting new benchmarks for high-performance EVs and pure, unfiltered driving fun taken to a new level.


Inspired by motorsport.

At Hyundai N, we have always taken the lessons learned in our highly successful racing programs and applied it to our road-going N cars. Every N model has internalized motorsport technologies. This is why we call WRC and TCR the cradle of N.
  1. The high-performance Hyundai i20 N taking a corner on a racetrack.

    Corner rascal.

    N performance cars are as hungry for corners as you are. Beautifully balanced, N's advanced technologies help hone your skills, corner after corner.
  2. A young woman sitting on the hood of an Hyundai i20 N with a young man leaning on the open door.

    Everyday sportscar.

    Track day? Or the daily commute? You can change the driving characteristics from a serious track star to comfortable everyday car whenever it suits you.
  3. Hyundai's N models provide you with sports cars for the everyday use.

    Racetrack capability.

    N cars are equipped to perform on the track. There’s no need for additional tuning. Even the standard spec tires are built to perform.

    N-gineers – pushing the limits with passion.

    Let loose, the people behind N create astonishing technology and have fun doing it. The performance development division is made up of departments ranging from NVH, to drive, braking, cooling, and aerodynamics, all under one roof. In the high-performance sector, we bring together all kinds of ideas. This structure makes communication between different departments easy and helps in the development process.
    1. Icon of quotation marks by Hyundai.

      Powertrain department.

      "It's not about making a limited run of engines that costs a fortune and only a few can experience, but instead we're working hard to develop high-performance engines you'll be able to see everywhere."

    2. Icon of quotation marks in black and white by Hyundai.

      Chassis engineering.

      "With our experience developing the WRC Rally car, we jumped into full-scale development mass-produces vehicles, bringing our view of cars to another level."

    3. Icon of quotation marks in red and black by Hyundai.

      Ride and handling department.

      "In the car we're making now, the developers of high-performance R&H are working hard to reate a vehicle that doesn't just do the basics, but also makes driving more fun. It demands the abilities of real conductors."

    4. Icon of quotation marks in black and white by Hyundai.

      Body Engineering Design Department.

      "We're designing a lighter, stronger, and safer frame."

    5. Icon of quotation marks in red and black by Hyundai.

      Cooling & Aerodynamics Department.

      "The performance development division is made up of departments ranging from NVH, to drive, braking, cooling, and aerodynamics, all under one roof to bring together all kinds of ideas as much as needed."