The pure joy of driving: the high-performance N family.

Hyundai N’s line-up currently consists of two hot hatches, a fastback, and an all-electric CUV: i30 N, i20 N, i30 Fastback N and IONIQ 5 N.

The N range – performance for the people.


Serious fun – blistering performance and top technology.

Driving was never meant to be boring, and with N, it never will be. Welcome to the high-performance N range. Blistering performance and thrilling cornering abilities coupled with everyday sports car drivability. We’ve highlighted some of the performance features of the IONIQ 5 N for you here – our first all-electric high performance N model.

Motorsport experience and customer feedback.

Major performance enhancements to new i30 N are driven by lessons learned in our i30 N TCR race package and feedback from our N-thusiast community.
Track-racing protective gear in the trunk of an Hyundai Kona N.
Thierry Neuville, World Rally Championship driver, driving a Hyundai i20 N WRC.

The i20 N is fast and precise. It gives a good sensation, similar to a race car. Like my WRC car, the i20 N is all about performance.

- Thierry Neuville, World Rally Championship driver -


Designed to thrill.

Next to their high-performance capabilities, the Hyundai N vehicles share motorsport-inspired design elements. The lowered body, the rear spoiler and triangular brake light are some of the common elements all models share. Then there are the aggressively sculpted bumpers with large air intakes, and alloy wheels embossed with the N logo and high- performance brakes with red N calipers.
  1. The Hyundai i30 N from the front making a powerful statement.

    i30 N.

    In the front, the aggressive bumper with large air intakes and the unique grille with the N badge make a powerful statement.
  2. The Hyundai i20 N from the side showing its sporty profile.

    i20 N.

    Dynamic side skirts with the N logo and Tomato Red accents underscore N's high-performance look, creating a visual connection between front and back.
  3. The all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 N and its wing-type N spoiler.

    IONIQ 5 N.

    The Luminous Orange accents on the bumpers are exclusive to the EV N models – continuing along the side skirts for a racetrack-ready look.


    Sport meets comfort.

    Created for and by people who truly love cars, N models all feature sleek and sporty interior embraces and excites. The cockpit is as much about control as it is about comfort. The ergonomics are completely driver-focused – you have everything in view and at your fingertips.
    The updated graphics providing you with performance driving data in your Hyundai N model.

    Performance Driving Data.

    Monitor and improve your driving performance with updated graphics for even more ease of use. See: PS, torque, turbo boost, G-force as well as a lap and acceleration timer.
    The full digital cluster inside of the Hyundai N models.

    Digital cluster.

    See engine oil temperature, torque, and turbo boost at a glance. The red zone of the variable LED rev-counter changes according to the oil temperature.


    Creating the cutting edge – a glimpse into the future.

    Concept cars allow us to push the boundaries of car design and development by exploring new ideas and technologies. Traditionally, many manufacturers have used these studies to gauge consumer reactions to radical features, while never taking them to the production line. In recent years, however, we have created concept cars as rolling labs for ideas and features that found their way into production vehicles like IONIQ 5 and 6.