Welcome to the future of autonomous electromobility.

Self-driving cars used to be the kind of thing we only saw in sci-fi movies – but not anymore. Now we can look forward to riding in self-driving IONIQ 5-based robotaxis in cities around the world – starting in Las Vegas in 2023.

  1. Front view of the IONIQ 5 robotaxi driving over a city bridge at night.

    Innovation starts from very human things.

    While the tech is impressive, it’s the robotaxi’s humanistic qualities that leave a lasting impression – with the best of human nature at its core.
  2. Hyundai_Robotics_2023_IONIQ_5_Sustainability.jpg

    Combining safety and sustainability.

    Mixing autonomy and electrification, IONIQ 5 robotaxi embodies the human-centric attributes of safety and sustainability – a core consideration for us.
  3. The all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 in silver pictured from the front.

    Built on IONIQ 5.

    Sit back and relax, the robotaxi has all the comfort and cutting-edge features of the award-winning all-electric IONIQ 5.


    Bringing the best driver behaviors to self-driving.

    The all-electric IONIQ 5-based robotaxi is an SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Level 4 autonomous vehicle that can safely operate without a driver. To make the robotaxi a reality, Hyundai partnered with Motional, a pioneer and leader in driverless technology to equip the award-winning IONIQ 5 with an array of hardware and software to ensure safe and secure driverless operation.
    A woman and a Spot robot approaching an IONIQ 5 robotaxi outside a suburban house.

    Over 30 sensors for safe operation.

    IONIQ 5 robotaxi elegantly integrates over 30 sensors, including cameras, radar and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to provide robust 360-degree perception, high-resolution images and ultra-long range object detection for safe autonomous operation. By making the self-driving technology visible, it says to the world:  “I’m well-equipped to take you where you want to go, safely”.


    More freedom of mobility. Less congestion & emissions.

    We’ve brought our robotaxi to life in order to address real-world issues that affect us all — namely congestion, traffic accidents, and air pollution — and ultimately realise a greater freedom of mobility for more people.