Setting new standards.

The KONA Electric is setting new standards in the subcompact SUV segment with its impressive range of state-of-the-art smart tech. Enjoy the latest connectivity and clever convenience features backed up by cutting-edge safety and driver-assistance systems.


Experience the cutting edge.

Image of Hyundai’s KONA Electric e-Active Sound Design BOSE audio system producing a driving sound.

The new sound of electric driving.

Hyundai’s e-Active Sound Design and the BOSE audio system produce a virtual driving sound tailored to the cabin considering variables such as speed, torque and acceleration.

Digitally connected

Taking connectivity to the next level.

The KONA Electric takes connectivity to the next level with Hyundai's new generation infotainment system called ccNC (Connected Car Navigation Cockpit), providing advanced graphics and perfect unity among the displays. ccNC introduces the latest Bluelink version including full Over The Air (OTA) software updates. For more convenience, KONA Electric can be locked, unlocked and started through Hyundai Digital Key 2 Touch2 via smart phones or Apple Watch.3
A smartphone with the Bluelink logo. 

Bluelink® Connected Car Services.

Bluelink® delivers seamless connectivity and clever features to make your drive more convenient.
A man using the centre touchscreen of the Hyundai KONA Electric. 

Always up-to-date with OTA software update.

Benefit from continuous performance updates and new features through Over The Air vehicle software updates.
Apple CarPlay on the centre touch screen inside the Hyundai KONA Electric SUV. 

Apple Car Play / Android Auto.

Thanks to Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, you can mirror your smartphone apps and music on the big screen.


Cutting-edge smart tech.

For added peace of mind, the KONA Electric has been equipped with the latest Hyundai Smart Sense – our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. For the first time, it also features Highway Driving Assist 2.0 – a combination of Lane Following Assist and Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control – it utilises sensors and map data to enable autonomous driving, automatically adjusting speed and overtaking cars in front of you when cruise control is set.
  1. The Hyundai KONA Electric pictured from the side driving down a bridge. 

    Highway Driving Assist (HDA 2.0).

    The KONA Electric features Highway Driving Assist 2.0, which utilises sensors and map data to provide Level 2 Autonomous Driving.
  2. The Hyundai KONA Electric in blue driving over a road. 

    Forward Collision-avoidance Assist 2.0 (FCA 2.0).

    Enjoy more safety with active steering assist in critical situations with evasive steering, junction crossing, lane change ongoing and lane change side lane.
  3. Blind-spot View Monitor perspective in the digital cluster of the Hyundai KONA Electric.

    Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM).

    Now you can see the rearward left- and right-hand side views in the digital cluster. The cameras are activated by the turn indicator during lane changes.
    1. Remote Smart Parking Assist.

      Enjoy easy parking in tight spots with RSPA – You can move the KONA Electric forward and backward using the Smart Key buttons to control it – with you standing outside of the SUV.4

    2. Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA-R).

      If an obstacle is detected via the rear-view camera or rear ultrasonic sensors, PCA will display a warning and, if necessary, apply the brakes.4

    3. In Cabin Camera (ICC).

      The system uses an In Cabin Camera to analyse the driver’s face and, in the event of drowsiness or carelessness, alert the driver visually and with a warning signal.4

    4. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Junction Turning (FCA-JT)

      Sensing the road with radar and a camera, the system automatically brakes when it detects sudden braking by the car ahead, or pedestrians and bikes on the road. When turning left at an intersection, it brakes if there is a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle.4

    5. Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)

      Using radar in the lower rear bumper, the system warns you of traffic in the blind spot. Should you set the turn indicator in such a situation, it will sound an acoustic alert and brake to prevent collision.4

    6. Lane Keeping Assist (LKA).

      Uses the front camera to monitor the lines of the road. In case of an unintended lane departure, it will warn you and can apply counter steering torque to guide the car back to the lane.4

    7. Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA).

      When reversing out of areas with low visibility, the system not only warns you if vehicles approach from the side – it also applies the brakes automatically.4

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    Smart tech for a sustainable electric mobility lifestyle.

    The KONA Electric is equipped with wide array of clever comfort features and cutting edge smart tech that is as unique as it is a pleasure to use. It also supports a sustainable electric mobility lifestyle with its innovative V2L function, which lets you freely use or charge any electric devices, such as electric bicycles, scooters or camping equipment – while on the move or on location.
    The V2L charging port on the outside of the Hyundai KONA Electric charging an electric skateboard.

    Vehicle-to-Load technology (V2L).

    You can power any device or charge electrical equipment up to 3.6 kW with the on-board 230V socket or the bidirectional exterior charging port.
    The smart power tailgate of the Hyundai KONA Electric. 

    Smart power tailgate.

    Enjoy easy loading. The tailgate opens automatically when the smart key is detected for 3 seconds. What’s more, you can customize the lift height.