Distinctive and individual.

The all-new Kona Electric was designed to stand out on the street – with sleek, sculpted lines, powerful LED lights, and a characteristic new front.

Go electric. In style.

The bold exterior design catches the eye with muscular sculpted shapes, sleek LED lighting and one-of-a-kind details that highlight the strong Hyundai SUV DNA at its core.

The closed grille on the all-new Hyundai Kona Electric.

Aerodynamic design.

Designed to look good and run better, the all-new Kona Electric features aerodynamic design elements and a much lower overall drag coefficient.

The roof rails on the all-new Hyundai Kona Electric.

Beautiful and practical.

The Kona Electric’s roof rails visually enhance its sleek roofline and support up to 80 kg of load.

Distinctive and individual.

Bringing together space and utility, the Kona Electric is a compact SUV with no compromises. You'll love the generous trunk volume of 332 litres. And the wide-opening rear hatch and low load height make loading hassle-free.

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  1. Interior view of the all-new Hyundai Kona Electric.


    Designed to fit everything you can throw at it, the all-new Kona Electric comes with with plenty of room for both passengers and cargo.

  2. View of the center console of the all-new Hyundai Kona Electric.

    Centre console.

    With the traditional shifter replaced by four drive-by-wire buttons, there’s plenty storage space for personal items.

  3. Bottom-up view of the sunroof in the all-new Hyundai Kona Electric.


    Let the sun in and enjoy more of the world around you with the optional sunroof.