The all-new KONA Electric N Line. 

The Kona Electric was already proof that EVs don’t have to all look the same. Now, we have given our best-selling EV the N Line treatment: for those who appreciate a touch of motorsports flair, we present the all-new KONA Electric N Line.


On the sporty side of the street.

The KONA Electric N Line features new bumpers front and rear, stylish side skirts, and dedicated 19" wheels that emphasise the sporty appearance of the trim. The exterior is adorned with N Line badging to underscore the model’s bold look.
  1. Three quarter view of the all-new Hyundai KONA Electric N Line showing its dedicated front bumper.

    Assertive body language.

    The dedicated front bumper design underlines the confident poise that permeates the KONA Electric N Line.
  2. Rear view of the Hyundai KONA Electric N-Line with Seamless Horizon Lamp and dedicated bumper. 

    Strong lines at the rear. 

    Bold horizontal lines structure the rear – from the spoiler at the top to the Seamless Horizon Lamp and the wing-shaped bumper unique to the KONA Electric N-Line.
  3. The bolder and sportier 19" alloy wheel of the Hyundai KONA Electric N Line in Serenity White Pearl.

    Dedicated 19” N Line wheels.

    The all-new KONA Electric N Line also features dedicated 19" alloy wheels in an exclusive N Line design. 
  4. The N Line badge of the Hyundai KONA Electric N Line.

    N Line badging.

    N Line badges on the front, rear and sides underscore the bold appearance of the new model.

    Get the look

    Colourful options.

    A vivid range of colours lets you create the perfect version of the all-new KONA Electric N line for your personal style.