Game changing technology.

Elegantly combining amazing performance with an astonishing array of smart tech and delivering a driving range of up to 570 km – this all-electric midsize CUV is a game changer. It has been created to take you farther – with faster charging and sleeker style.
A man sitting in the driver’s seat of the IONIQ 5, looking down at the centre console.


Comfortable commuting combined with exquisite power.

IONIQ 5 is redefining mobility with its wide array of high-tech convenience features that are as unique as they are smart and a pleasure to use. IONIQ 5 also supports a sustainable electric mobility lifestyle with its innovative V2L function, which lets you freely use or charge any electric devices, such as electric bicycles, scooters or camping equipment – while on the move or on location.
  1. Hyundai IONIQ 5’s Vehicle-to-Load technology (V2L) on-board 230V socket.

    Charge from inside your car. 

    With IONIQ 5’s Vehicle-to-Load technology (V2L) you can power any device or charge electrical equipment up to 3.6 kW with the on-board 230V socket.
  2. Column type shift-by-wire inside the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

    Column type shift-by-wire.

    Everything you need right at your fingertips. The elegant rotary type shifter located on the steering column. Operation is quick, intuitive and precise.
  3. Paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel in Hyundai IONIQ 5.

    Paddle shifters.

    Enjoy fingertip control. You can easily adjust the level of regenerative braking through the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel.

    Remote climate control.

    You can turn the climate control on and off with Hyundai Digital Key 2 on your smartphone, even before you get into the IONIQ 5.
    The control panel for the Automatic dual zone air-conditioning inside the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

    Automatic dual zone air-conditioning.

    As you like it. Both driver and front passenger can set their preferred temperatures individually. Just select the desired temperature and the system does the rest.
    The rear air vents inside the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

    Rear air vents.

    On the road, your rear seat passengers will appreciate the cosy comfort of their own dedicated rear vents.

    Room to adapt.

    Enter the versatile space of the new IONIQ 5 and you’ll find plenty of room for passengers and luggage, including a generous boot capacity of 520 litres.Fold down the 60:40 seats and you’ll have 1580 litres of space. The sliding central console and the reclining rear seats add options for you and your passengers.
    The two fully reclining relaxation seats in the front row of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

    Highly adjustable electric seats

    Get comfy. The front seats are 8-way adjustable – and fold flat for a power nap with one click. When fully reclined, a calf support pops up for relaxing leg support. The rear seats are also electrically adjustable.
    The 40/60 rear seats can be reclined and power-slide backwards and forwards up to 135 mm.

    Remote second row seat folding.

    Conveniently placed buttons release the second row seats from their upright position to quickly expand your cargo space. 
    1. A man taking out the charging cable from a space under the hood of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

      Front and rear cargo spaces.

      We took the space where the petrol engine would normally be located – and made some extra space for your stuff. A second boot in the front provides up to 57 litres of additional cargo space.

    2. Two back seats folded down to make cargo space in the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

      Generous boot space.

      IONIQ 5 provides 520 litres of boot space, which increases up to 1580 litres when the second-row seats are fully folded. For added versatility, the second-row seats can slide forward up to 135 mm and also fold in a 6:4 ratio.

    3. The hands-free opening of the automatic power tailgate of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

      Power tailgate - hands free.

      The power tailgate opens automatically when the proximity of the smart key is detected for three seconds – which is especially practical when you come out of the shops with both hands full.


      Making life as connected as you want to be.

      The new IONIQ 5 is equipped with a stellar range of intuitive smart tech to make life inside as connected as you want to be. Cutting-edge  Bluelink® Connected Car Services, let you control your car from your smartphone – or with your voice. The new IONIQ 5 is launched with the new Bluelink scheme which includes a free ten- year subscription for Bluelink Lite and a 1 year free trial for Bluelink Pro (all inclusive) package.
      Fully digital information cluster of the new Hyundai IONIQ 5 showing speed and driving range.

      Fully digital 12.3’’ cluster.

      The fully digital 12.3” cluster displays essential information like speed and battery state of charge where you can see it best: front and centre.
      Interior of new Hyundai IONIQ 5 cockpit showing the steering wheel, dashboard and touchscreen.

      12.3" touchscreen.

      The 12.3” infotainment touchscreen gives you easy access to all connectivity and climate control features. All controls are touch for a clean, modern look.
      1. One of the eight Bose® premium sound system speakers of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

        BOSE® sound system.

        The BOSE® premium sound system delivers stellar performance with eight high-performance speakers optimally tuned to deliver amazing sound.

      2. The high-speed wireless charger port in the centre console of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

        Wireless charging.

        The high-speed wireless charger port located in the centre console features a cooling function that prevents smartphone overheating for added safety.

      3. The two type C USB chargers in the back row of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

        USB ports front and rear.

        The new IONIQ 5 is equipped with five type C USB chargers: three in the front and two for the rear passengers.

        Bluelink® Connected Car Services.

        Bluelink delivers seamless connectivity and clever features to make your drive more convenient.
         Amazon Music logo.

        Amazon Music.

        Stream your favourite music and playlists with Amazon Music in the IONIQ 5.
         A woman sitting in the driver’s seat of the IONIQ 5, taking a mobile phone from the centre console.

        Wireless Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

        Thanks to Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ you can mirror your smartphone and music on the big screen. 1
        1. A hand holding a mobile phone showing the IONIQ 5 on the Bluelink app.

          Remote battery pre-conditioning.

          Battery pre-conditioning enhances fast charging performance, warming the battery in winter, cooling it in summer. Now you can activate it remotely via the Bluelink app or a button inside the car.

        2. The steering wheel and integrated displays on the dashboard of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

          LIVE charging station information.

          Get all the information you need on charging stations along your route such as charging speed, number of chargers available, and most suitable charger.

        3. The infotainment touchscreen of the new Hyundai IONIQ 5 showing a route being calculated.

          Connected EV routing.

          Your route is calculated by a powerful server in the Bluelink® cloud rather than by the device in your car. Combined with live traffic info, it gets you there faster and calmer.


          Advanced safety and assistance.

          The new IONIQ 5 has been equipped with the very latest safety and Hyundai Smart Sense driving assistance features for added peace of mind, comfort and convenience.
          1. The all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 seen from the front parked by modern building.

            Highest possible 5-Star Euro NCAP Rating.

            IONIQ 5 earned the highest possible safety rating from the European New Car Assessment Programme.

          2. Top-down cut-out view of the new Hyundai IONIQ 5 illustrating position of airbags.

            Enhanced safety with 7 airbags.

            The IONIQ 5 features enhanced safety with 7 airbags including a driver’s seat centre-side airbag to diminish head injuries caused by passengers colliding.

          3. Safety Exit Assist button on the armrest of the Hyundai IONQ 5. 

            Safety Exit Assist (SEA).

            This feature prevents accidents by detecting vehicles approaching from behind and temporarily locking the rear child door locks, so that passengers can only exit the car when it is safe.

            Enjoy better visibility with camera-based monitors.

            The updated IONIQ 5 is available with a range of camera-based monitoring systems that give you a better view of what’s going on around you in traffic. Enjoy clearer, wider-angle visibility in all kinds of weather with Digital Side Mirrors and a Digital Centre Mirror. And for easier and safer parking, the Surround View Monitor gives you a bird’s-eye 360-degree view of everything around your vehicle.  
            A woman in the driver's seat of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 checking the the Digital Centre Mirror.

            Digital Centre Mirror (DCM).

            Enjoy perfect rear view visibility even when you’ve got luggage blocking the rear window. When activated, the Digital Centre Mirror uses a camera to project a real-time display onto the mirror.
            Digital Side Mirrors and the internal monitor for them mounted on the door of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

            Digital Side Mirror (DSM).

            Enjoy a clear view of what's happening on both sides of the vehicle – even in bad weather conditions. Digital Side Mirrors also give you a wider angle view compared to traditional mirrors.
            1. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2 (FCA 2).

              Warns if the preceding vehicle suddenly slows down or if a risk of collision with a vehicle, a pedestrian, or a cyclist is detected – and can also apply the brakes automatically.2

            2. Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA).

              Using side and rear radar sensors, the system warns you of traffic in the blind spot area. Should you set the turn indicator in such a situation, it will sound an acoustic alert and brake to prevent collision.2

            3. Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA).

              When reversing out of areas with low visibility, the system not only warns you if vehicles approach from the side – it also applies the brakes automatically.2

            4. HDA 2 (w/ hand-off detection)

              With Highway Driving Assist 2, INOIQ 5 provides Level 2 autonomous driving, controlling speed and distance and assisting you when changing lanes.2

            5. Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC).

              Utilises the state-of-the-art navigation system to anticipate upcoming curves or straights on highways and adjusts speed for safer driving.2

            6. Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA2).

              IONIQ 5 can remotely park itself under several parking scenarios such as parallel park, diagonally park and perpendicularly park as well as back into and drive forward out of a parking spot by itself – with you standing outside of the car.2

            7. Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA Side/FR/R).

               Perfect for parking garages. If an obstacle is detected via the rear-view camera or rear radar sensors, PCA will display a warning and, if necessary, apply the brakes.2

            8. ROA Radar

              Ultrasonic sensors monitor the rear seats: When the driver exits the vehicle, an in-dash message pops up. If it detects movement after exiting and locking the car, it will honk the horn and flash the emergency lights.2

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