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At Hyundai Help for Kids, we're creating brighter tomorrows for kids today. That's why since 2014, a portion of every Hyundai sold* goes directly towards our Hyundai Help for Kids program. A program dedicated to supporting a range of not-for-profit organisations making a difference for kids in need.

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Total contributions since 1st January, 2014


The help we bring.

Hyundai Help for Kids is an initiative of Hyundai and Hyundai Dealers that lends a helping hand to young Australians and their families. By supporting a range of not-for-profit organisations, Hyundai provides critical support across areas of Community, Medical & Vehicle assistance.



Every time a new* Hyundai is sold, customers, along with Hyundai and its dealers, are giving a valuable contribution to children who need it most.


Vehicle assistance.

From transfers to and from specialist treatment, to airport pick-ups and event transfers, we offer our partners free access to our vehicles to support their essential services.


Bespoke benefits.

From money can't buy experiences to marketing support, we bring help to partners in other ways too. Committed to bringing awareness to a wide variety of important causes.


Clear and tangible outcomes.

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Our vital funding to grant recipients has reached over 100,000 children from respite care and cancer research to education and family support since 2014.


The Journey.


Diagnosis from the very beginning.


Treatment through the tough times.


Support through every stage.


New beginnings.


The Journey.

For some families it’s a long journey from research to after care and every stage in between. That’s why Hyundai Help for Kids has been here since 2014 to lend a helping hand when and where it’s needed most.

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Treatment
  3. Support
  4. New Beginnings

Diagnosis from the very beginning.

The job of diagnosing a disease – fully understanding the ways to spot it – is equally as important as treating it and curing it. That’s why we partner with the Kids Research Institute at Australia’s largest Children’s hospital at Westmead and Little Wings who fly sick or injured children and their families from remote areas into Sydney for specialised treatment.

Treatment through the tough times.

From clinical trials focused on finding and developing new treatments to providing a home away from home for sick children and their families during treatment, being there through the tough times is just what our partners do. That's why we support Children’s Cancer Institute and Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia. The Clown Doctors even bring much needed light hearted relief to help kids and their families through their journey.

Support through every stage.

For both the families and the children themselves knowing that they are not alone and there’s support looking out for them during their ordeal can have a huge impact on the outcome of their treatment. That’s why we partner with Make-a-wish Australia and use our corporate Sponsorships to bring money can’t buy experiences to kids all over Australia.

New beginnings.

Every year, hundreds of seriously ill children will be diagnosed with life-limiting conditions. Hyundai Help for Kids proudly supports the Child Life Therapy program at Bear Cottage to allow families facing this tragic time to make the most of every precious moment.

Thank you for choosing Hyundai.

The families of our partners all over Australia can’t thank you enough for the funds that you have helped raise. Your contribution means that Hyundai Help for Kids can continue to provide our partners with essential services and create brighter tomorrows for kids in need.


Related news.

Our partners.

Hyundai Help for Kids representatives.

An advisory committee has been established to administer the Hyundai Help for Kids program. The committee consists of nine representatives from the Hyundai National Dealer Network and Hyundai Motor Company Australia.


John Hawkins

John Hawkins is the Dealer Principal for Westpoint Autos (QLD).


Shaun Swift

Shaun Swift is the Dealer Principal for Stillwell Hyundai (SA) and a member of the National Hyundai Dealer Council.


David Booth

David Booth OAM is the Dealer Principal for Booth’s Motor Group (NSW).


Gavin Donaldson

Gavin Donaldson is the Director of Sales for Hyundai Motor Company Australia.


Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards is the General Manager Legal for Hyundai Motor Company Australia.


Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas is the General Manager, Corporate Affairs for Hyundai Motor Company Australia.


Ellenore Ibrahim

Ellenore Ibrahim is the CSR Manager for Hyundai Motor Company Australia.


Tatiana Suchecki

Tatiana Suchecki is the PR and CSR Specialist for Hyundai Motor Company Australia.

Common Hyundai Help for Kids questions.

Hyundai Help for Kids was created to allow Hyundai Motor Company Australia, in partnership with the Australian National Hyundai Dealer Network, to provide funds and/or non-monetary support for not-for-profit organisations associated with providing assistance to Australian children and their families.

Hyundai Dealers are franchise operations – they are not owned by Hyundai Motor Company Australia, but by separate independent companies. So it’s important to recognise each dealer’s contribution to this program.

No, this is a philanthropic fund supported entirely by the joint initiative of Hyundai Motor Company Australia and the Hyundai National Dealer Network.

Yes, the contribution is matched 1:1 by Hyundai Motor Company Australia and the National Hyundai Dealer Network.

The contribution per new Hyundai vehicle sold is $20.00 per vehicle* as at 1st January 2023.

$10.00 from the National Hyundai Dealer Network.

Matched with $10.00 from Hyundai Motor Company Australia.

A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee has been established to manage the Hyundai Help for Kids program.

The committee is made up of representatives from Hyundai’s National Dealer Network, Hyundai Motor Company Australia management and also Hyundai Motor Company Australia employees.

The CSR committee will determine if any additional organisations are to be added to the official Hyundai Help for Kids recipient list, using a quantitative evaluation tool developed for this program.

The decisions of the committee in relation to all grant applications are binding.

The fund will be operated by Hyundai Motor Company Australia.

Hyundai’s Australian philanthropic enterprise will offer financial grants to a range of organisations focused on delivering support to Australian youth and the families who support them.

There will be three main areas of focus for approved and selected grant recipients:

  • Community programs
  • Medical Assistance and Research programs
  • Vehicle Assistance programs

It is a joint 50:50 partnership between the National Hyundai Dealer Network and Hyundai Motor Company Australia, with funds raised via a joint contribution from each new Hyundai vehicle sold in Australia*

This contribution is then used to support and fund various approved organisations and their programs.

The Hyundai Help for Kids program will grow organically and we have not set any pre-determined targets for funding.

Based on yearly Hyundai Motor Company Australia sales, our expectation is that we will be able to make contributions in the vicinity of $1.5M (AUD) to Australian children’s causes every year through the Hyundai Help for Kids program.

The online application process has been rested for Hyundai Help for Kids grants.

Recipients will now be independently scouted and assessed by Hyundai Help for Kids management and the CSR committee, with assistance from Hyundai Motor Company Australia and Hyundai Dealers across Australia.


* new direct to dealer Hyundai vehicles excluding rental and company cars.