For a reliable, low-carbon fleet.

Hyundai cars meet the demands of any modern European fleet customer: the broadest range of powertrains (from fuel cell and battery electric to petrol and diesel), a variety of body types (from compact hatchbacks to large SUVs), Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty, high residual value, and a professional team of consultants.


A modern fleet choice.

Choose Hyundai if you want to lower your company's carbon footprint, offer you drivers a variety of options, reduce total cost of ownership (TOC), and simply feel good about your fleet of safe, high-tech, and exciting cars.
  1. Efficiency.

    Hyundai offers a full range of efficient powertrains, including fuel cell and battery electric, hybrids, and combustion engines with mild-hybrid options.

  2. Value.

    Smart safety technologies keep insurance costs down, efficient engines reduce running costs. Add low repair and maintenance costs and high residual value to get a low TCO.

  3. Warranty.

    You can rely on 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty and 8 years, or up to 160,000 km, for high voltage batteries built into Hyundai electric fleet cars.


    Solutions for drivers & managers.

    It is our business to understand your business' requirements, whether you are a company car driver, small business owner, small/medium enterprise, or international cooperation. Be certain to receive tailored fleet solutions, including cars, financial options, and professional support.
    1. Company car driver.

      You know what you need. Check out our model range to find the company car that fits your purpose, including a variety of electrified powertrain options. No matter what you choose, you can expect the latest connectivity, safety, and convenience features.
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    1. Small and medium businesses.

      In addition to our wide range of cars, Hyundai offers exceptional service: from finding you the right car for your purposes, to pricing, finance, and continued support. Please contact your local Hyundai team for more information.
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    1. International fleet management.

      If you are managing an enterprise fleet, you need more than just great cars, you need reliable service tailored to your unique needs. The Hyundai fleet team understands your requirements and is ready to support you.
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    1. Associations & organisations.

      If you belong to any association and looking for attractive conditions then please contact our local team and they have specific and dedicated program for you.
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    1. Meeting emission goals.

      As regional and local governments seek to reduce their carbon footprints, they choose to go electric in their fleets. For example, Hyundai EVs are used by police all over Europe like in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., Germany, and Italy.
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    Model range.

    Hyundai now offers the widest range of powertrains on the market, ranging from petrol or diesel combustion engines to electrified hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and hydrogen engines thanks to our BlueDrive range.

    Modell Body type Electric Plug-in Hybrid Hybrid 48V Hybrid Petrol Diesel Fuel Cell
    i10 City car        
    i20 City car      
    i30 Compact car
    IONIQ Mid-size car
    IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid
    IONIQ Hybrid
    KONA Compact SUV
    KONA Electric
    KONA Hybrid
    TUCSON Mid-size SUV  
    TUCSON Plug-In Hybrid
    TUCSON Hybrid
    IONIQ 5 Electric CUV
    IONIQ 5
    SANTA FE Plug-In Hybrid
    SANTA FE Hybrid
    NEXO SUV            

    Please also visit our Youtube channel for more videos.

    Battery & Fuel Cell Electric

      Plug-in Hybrid & Hybrid

          Petrol & Diesel

              Reasons to go electric.

              1. Long term savings.

                Electric vehicles make up for higher initial investment amounts in lower maintenance costs: They are independent of rising fuel prices, have fewer wearing parts, and are currently better off in terms of vehicle taxes. Overall, the total cost of ownership* for electric vehicles can be lower than for cars with internal combustion engines.
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              1. Government grants and incentives.

                Many European countries provide financial support for businesses and organisations towards the up-front costs of installing a charging station in their carpark. To further encourage both businesses and workers to choose low-emission vehicles, some governments have chosen to reduce or even completely waive company-car taxes.
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              1. Reduce CO2 emissions.

                Electrifying your company fleet is a great way to reduce its carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals. Talk to your Hyundai fleet sales specialist to discuss your charging options for plug-in hybrids or full-electric cars.
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              Charge myHyundai.

              You have access to over 260,000 charge points in 29 European countries with attractive tariff models.

              IONITY and Hyundai Partnership

              The IONITY network has more than 400 fast charging points in Europe, that uses 100% renewable energy.

              Financing & Leasing.

              Should you buy or lease? We will find the best solution for you in every country.
              1. Tailor-made financing solutions.

                Whether you are self-employed or manage a multi-national fleet, our specialists will work with you to find the financing solution that fits your needs.
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              1. Full service leasing.

                The Hyundai Leasing programme enables Hyundai dealers and Fleet Business Centres across Europe to offer competitive rates and flexible terms at the point of sale. Corporate customers benefit from the full range of fleet services, including insurance coverage, service and maintenance, and a petrol card service.
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              Business centers.

              The Hyundai Business Centers provide commercial and fleet customers with expert competence and a number of additional services.

              All over Europe.

              Hyundai Entreprises also has more than 2250 points of sale and service, including more than 550 Fleet Business Centers.

              Our Business Centers guarantee you:

              • Particularly attractive commercial or fleet offers.
              • Commercially oriented demonstration cars from one of the most modern model ranges in the entire market, proven to be of excellent quality.
              • Extended mobility support.
              • Extended & special opening hours.
              • Cashless settlement.
              • Dedicated, direct and personal support.

              Business Centre headquarter in Offenbach.

              Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH
              Kaiserleipromenade 5, 63067 Offenbach
              Phone: +49 69 271 472 100

              Contact our team.

              Do you have any questions? Our Fleet Operations Managers will be happy to assist you.
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                Director Fleet & Remarketing

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                Leasing & Corporate

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