The widest range of electrified vehicles in Europe.

Hyundai's European fleet includes 15 electrified models and derivatives.  They cover every type of electrified powertrain, ranging from mild hybrid to battery-electric and even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 
  1. Hyundai KONA Hybrid

    Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid.

    From 48V mild-hybrid technology in diesel and petrol cars to advanced plug-in hybrids, almost our entire range offers an electrified option.

  2. Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric vehicle

    Battery electric vehicles.

    From the launch of the first IONIQ range in 2016, the groundbreaking KONA Electric in 2018 and now our revolutionary IONIQ 5, Hyundai has long been committed to electric mobility.

  3. Hyundai NEXO FCEV

    Fuel cell electric vehicles.

    NEXO is Hyundai’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle. At IAA Mobility 2021, you can test-drive this innovative vehicle. 

    Hyundai's family of electrified cars parked in front of Central Station in a modern cityscape.

    Powertrains explained.

    Learn more about the groundbreaking technology keeping you on the move.
    The Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric vehicle pictured from the front in a beautiful scenery.

    Explore everyday electric mobility.

    Learn more about charging times, home wallboxes, cables & plugs, and electric vehicle costs.


    You don’t drive electric. You live electric. 

    IONIQ, our new line-up brand exclusive for electric vehicles, has been designed for conscious consumers that want to be in charge of a brighter, more sustainable future. With IONIQ, accessibility, sustainability, and style are combined to create cars that meet all our needs, with no compromise.
    Hyundai IONIQ logo, a brand for electric, sustainable mobility.

    Sustainable. Revolutionary. Electric.

    All vehicles built on our new electric platform will share one name: IONIQ. Starting with IONIQ 5, this new line-up will be the essence of sustainable mobility and electrifying driving pleasure. 
    Hyundai IONIQ 6 concept car parked behind a woman confidently looking into the future.

    I'm in charge.

    IONIQ allows everyone to freely choose their way of life while remaining aware of our impact on the environment. Join the movement.

    Just the beginning

    Electrification of the entire Hyundai line-up.

    Our electrified line-up continues to expand to provide a flexible range of powertrains and options to suit your lifestyle. We already offer the broadest range of electrified SUV's and are taking steps to ensure our entire line-up boasts an electrified alternative.
    Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV parked on a sandy beach at sunset, the female driver leaning against the door.

    IONIQ 5.

    The first model under the IONIQ brand is the IONIQ 5 midsize CUV, based on the concept EV ‘45’, which Hyundai unveiled at IAA 2019. 
    Rendering of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and its future companions: IONIQ 6 and IONIQ 7.

    IONIQ 6 & IONIQ 7.

    In 2022, we introduced the IONIQ 6 sedan, based on our latest concept EV ‘Prophecy’. The IONIQ 7, a large SUV, is coming early 2024. 
    Schematic of Hyundai's Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

    Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

    E-GMP, our new electric only platform, enables faster charging, increased driving range, more interior space and better handling.

    Electrified models

    Discover our range.

    Whether you are ready for a fully electric car or want to take your first step towards electrification with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid: Our extensive range is sure to match your expectations.

    Battery and fuel cell electric.

      Plug-in Hybrid and Hybrid.

        *Range shown is according to WLTP combined cycle. Driving range may vary slightly depending on road conditions, your driving style and the temperature. It is also is dependent on the type of tyres equipped. Technical data not final.

        ** Charging time is based on charging with on 32A wallbox and 3.3 kW OBC.  Charging times  may vary depending on available charging conditions, including charger type and condition, battery temperature and ambient temperature at point of use.

        *** This model is not yet available for sale. Official technical data and range of this model are pending final homologation.