Transforming the course of design evolution.

Sophisticated and progressive, the TUCSON’s design is revolutionary. Taking modern aesthetics to the next level, its chiselled surfaces and dynamic lines put it at the cutting-edge of SUV design.


Bringing Sportiness to the SUV world.

Featuring a bigger and wider body, the TUCSON was the first Hyundai SUV to be developed according to our new Sportiness design identity.  TUCSON's muscular stance combines sharp angles and dynamic proportions with rich surfaces to create a progressive look without compromising its strong SUV heritage.




    Parametric Hidden Lights.

    As you drive, you may notice a striking change in the geometric pattern of the parametric grille's dark chrome. This transformation is thanks to the advanced half-mirror lighting technology of the Parametric Hidden Lights, which remain hidden when not in use. Upon activation, the outer segments of the grille transform into wing-like structures, producing a stunning high-tech lighting effect that is both impressive and unique. When you stop driving, the lights smoothly retract back into the grille, leaving behind a sleek and sophisticated appearance.
    Hyundai Tucson front view.
    1. Hyundai Tucson side view with Z-shaped side character line on the right.

      Z-shaped side character line.

      Bold, high-tech design details like the Z-shaped side character line instantly create a sporty, dynamic impression.
    2. The Hyundai Tucson compact SUV pictured from the side with its sporty look.

      Chrome accent line.

      The TUCSON’s sporty look is emphasised by a chrome accent line with an edged parabolic shape, starting on the side mirrors and continuing to the tailgate.
    3. An image of the combination LED tail lamps on the Hyundai Tucson compact SUV.

      Rear LED combination lights.

      The wide LED tail lamps with parametric hidden light details continue the dynamic progressive design in the rear.

      Personalise your TUCSON to suit your style.

      Choose from a variety of exterior colours and personalise your TUCSON to fit your individual style.

      The power of choice.


      The beauty of interspace.

      With TUCSON's sophisticated and spacious interior, you'll immediately sense a feeling of expansiveness.  The space, technology, and information blend seamlessly, creating a harmonious intersection. The interior design features graceful curves, inspired by the serene beauty of waterfalls. The use of high-quality, plush materials throughout the space enhances both its appearance and tactile experience.

      Interior image shown above is not to UK Spec.

      The Hyundai Tucson compact SUV's optional panorama sunroof.

      Panoramic sunroof.

      Experience the warmth of the sun and the wind as you open up the TUCSON's panoramic sunroof.

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