Never just drive.

Welcome, Sport mode has been activated. So as you scroll through this page, you’ll find a selection tailored to the sportier side of driving: from our high-performance N line up to our highly successful rally and TCR racing programs.

Explore the N models.

Together with the i30 N, i30 Fastback N and i20 N, the KONA N joins an impressive range of high-performance vehicles that are designed to perform – and built to make every moment behind the wheel a chance for more kicks.
The Hyundai i30 N driving through a tunnel.
The Hyundai N logo.

Explore the N Line trim range.

Take your Hyundai to the next level with N Line trim, which features eye-catching sporty design elements taken directly from the high-performance N series.
The Hyundai KONA N Line entering a bridge with skyline in the background.
The Hyundai N Line logo.


 Hyundai at the top of rally and touring car racing.

From the pinnacle of rally sport with the i20 Coupe WRC and the top of touring car racing with the i30 TCR N, Hyundai is a major force in motorsports.  Winning back-to-back titles in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)as well as 12 titles, 67 wins and 148 podiums in TCR racing in 2020, Hyundai Motorsport knows what it takes to perform. And the lessons we learn in motorsport, flow into our N models.
The latest Rally car of Hyundai, the i20 N WRC Rally 1 on white background.
The Hyundai Motorsport logo.
The Hyundai i20 N WRC Rally1 car jumping a small bump.

Racing with a Hyundai roar.

Explore the world of Hyundai Motorsport, highly successful in rally and TCR racing.
The Hyundai KONA N SUV racing down a test track.

Hyundai Driving Experience.

Experience the fastest road to more driving fun and safety. Explore the possibilities.


Discerning drivers with a passion for N.

What’s an N-thusiast? They are: car lovers, performance driving aficionados, petrol heads and deep-rooted enthusiasts. They are discerning drivers with a passion for N vehicles. And when you bump into them at a petrol station or on the street and ask about their N – they’re happy to share a few driving stories and their passion for N. Check out our N-Zine magazine for stories from the road and N-sider insights.
The Hyundai N logo with a car silhouette and burnout-marks in the background.

Get inside with N-ZINE car magazine.

This dynamic online magazine gives you a closer look at car culture and the N-thusiasm in all of us.

N Man

N Man – N-thusiast number one in Performance Blue.

Part petrol head, part performance driving aficionado, N Man is the embodiment of N-thusiasm – the passion for performance and the pure joy of driving that an N brings with it. Instantly recognizable in his Performance Blue helmet and racing suit, N Man has become a fixture at Hyundai motorsport events and in guest appearances in viral videos. Witty, enthusiastic – and always up for a drive – N Man loves N culture and is actively involved in the N-thusiast community.